Boston DJ Anngelle Wood rocks out with her rescue pets

DJ Anngelle Wood with MSPCA rescue dog Lilly Beans      (Photo courtesy of Anngelle Wood)
DJ Anngelle Wood with MSPCA rescue dog Lilly Beans (Photo courtesy of Anngelle Wood)

You can listen to DJ Anngelle Wood Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on 100.7 WZLX and online at The lifelong New Englander joined WZLX in 2005 and later sister station WBCN. She is the local music director, host of Boston Emissions, and organizer of the Rock ’n’ Roll Rumble. She is also an animal lover and self-described “dog mommy” to three rescue dogs, one of which came from the MSPCA. Wood chatted with Pets about how she adopted her pets, what kind of music they like, and why her dogs are her “babies.” Pets: Tell us about your first pet.

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Wood: He was a one-eyed bull mastiff named Duke. He was huge and enormous and fantastic... I am the youngest of five so you can only imagine the life that dog had when he came home to us. We would all fight over who would sleep with him in bed at night. Pets: Tell us about your rescue pets.

Wood: The youngest one I got through the MSPCA Nevins Farm. We call her Lilly Beans (a pug and Chihuahua mix). I have an English bulldog named Gussy and a black pug named Pudgie Willis. Those two we got together... we went online and were looking and looking. We found this year-old bulldog through He came with a pug. My boyfriend and I were like, ‘What? Who doesn’t want a pug and a bulldog?’ They were in NY. They had been together in a home previously. The pug was blind in one eye so apparently I mentor dogs who only have one eye. Pets: Do you know their stories before they came to you?

Wood: We suspect that somebody got [Lilly Beans] as a puppy and she got injured. She was very very active. They said that she fell off a bed and broke her leg. The boys, the older dogs... we think whoever had them got in trouble with the law. Pets: What made you choose Lilly Beans?

Wood: I had a bit of a relationship with the MSPCA because we had done some promotional things. I said, ‘Yeah, we’ll take her as a foster.’ Well, we still have her. She came here and she was horrified and she was tiny. I just couldn’t imagine, after everything, giving her to someone else. Pets: On Twitter, you call yourself a “dog mommy” and your dogs are your “babies.” How close are you with your dogs?

Wood: (Laughs) They sleep in my bed. When I don’t feel good, they make sure they lay all over me and take care of me. They’re very in tune with me... they have a dog sitter so when I’m gone for a long period of time they have two ladies who come and take care of them, which makes them very happy. Pets: We love the twitpics of your dogs. Are they camera shy?

Wood: (Laughs) No. Most of the time they know when I’m snapping pictures of them. They’re so goofy and they pose. Pets: You tweeted “my doggies eat like kings & queens.” What kind of food are you feeding them?

Wood: It’s on the holistic side. It definitely helps in their digestion. It helps with their weight. We just want to try to keep them around as long as we can. Pets: You bring your dogs to work with you at the station. What do they do?

Wood: Sometimes I do. They usually just sit in a chair next to me. Pets: Do they like music?

Wood: They do, they do. My boyfriend plays music and when his bandmates are here they all want to listen to the band play... Pudgie the pug will sit right in front of the bass amp. Pets: What do you like to do with your pets?

Wood: I love to go to the dog park. We go for rides in the car. Sheepfold is kinda a cool place to go. A lot of people go on hikes. But a lot of people just bring their dogs there to run around. Pets: What is your advice to others thinking of rescuing a pet?

Wood: My advice is to really do some research and really think about the kind of dog who’s going to fit your lifestyle. There are many dogs who can acclimate to a city lifestyle. But there are a lot of dogs who are not going to be happy living an apartment life. Pets: The American Veterinary Medical Association recently revealed that Massachusetts ranks 50th out of 50 states for pet ownership. Does this surprise you?

Wood: Very much. I don’t understand why we’re last on the list. I think having a dog is an honor and it makes people feel happy.