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Posted by Kip Durney February 14, 2014 01:26 PM

Just when I thought brands were beginning to “get it,” Procter and Gamble smothers the Sochi Olympics with this sexist ad:


Times are a-changin': dads' new role

Posted by Kip Durney December 23, 2013 02:13 PM

Are dads more involved today with taking care of their kids than they were say, 10 years ago? The latest survey by the National Center for Health Statistics says, YES!!

While I do take some issue with the survey (mostly due to the fact the findings were self-reported and I know that we [guys] tend to exaggerate just about everything), but generally speaking, I couldn't agree more or be more pleased with the results.


The credentialed dad

Posted by Kip Durney September 5, 2013 08:59 AM

When my wife and I first got pregnant, we were never so excited about anything in our lives. From that initial holy bejeeezus moment when we first found out, parenthood has been nothing short of a thunderous freight train racing down the tracks of life just barely clinging to a semi-controlled rail of chaos. Getting off the train wasn’t an option, so we just held on as tightly as we could. But soon thereafter, we began to realize that we were embarking on just possibly the most challenging, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and precious journey of our lives.

Everyone's introduction to parenthood is unique and I am certainly no different. When I first wrote about my story, 93 Days, it was because I needed an outlet for the overwhelming feelings I was experiencing. But the impetus for Tubalub, was because I very quickly, even before the birth of my twin girls, began to realize that I was being treated differently by just about everyone.


About Tubalub

Tubalub is written by Kip Durney who lives on the North Shore of Boston with his wife, three kids (including identical twin girls), and a very excitable yellow lab. When More »

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