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Times are a-changin': dads' new role

Posted by Kip Durney  December 23, 2013 02:13 PM

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Are dads more involved today with taking care of their kids than they were say, 10 years ago? The latest survey by the National Center for Health Statistics says, YES!!

While I do take some issue with the survey (mostly due to the fact the findings were self-reported and I know that we [guys] tend to exaggerate just about everything), but generally speaking, I couldn't agree more or be more pleased with the results.

Most of us are NOT lazy slobs who want nothing to do with the daily routine of raising our children. Every dad I know is fully entrenched in the mundane, dirty, challenging, inconvenient, and frustrating aspects of molding our vertically challenged little friends into amazing little people. It’s a hard job and nobody can do it alone – or at least it’s certainly not fair or easy to have to do it alone if at all possible (of course this isn’t always the case and we do the best we can!). And if you do, my hat goes off to you because I’m not sure I could do it!!

It takes a village they say and that I do believe. Whether it’s family, friends, neighbors, teachers, clinicians, or even sometimes complete strangers, we all play a role in influencing the character and conviction of the next generation. And sometimes it’s just responding to the bathroom echo, “Mommy… Daddy!!! I’m done going poooootty!!”


Super Dad In Action

Regardless of the actual level of interaction that dads are having with their kids today, the most important and refreshing aspect is that the frequency is INCREASING. Each day, more kids are having stories read to them, having more dinners together as a family, have access to more than one person to help with homework or to teach them how to ride a bike. They are having more one on one time with each of their parents. That’s a huge win. For all of us.

In the past few years in particular, I’ve noticed more conversations with my dad friends that revolve around our kids than we do about the Pats game or when Rondo is coming back. We still have those conversations but more often than not, we also talk about our frustrations with our kids, their successes in school or on the ball field, and some give and take on suggestions about how to handle various situations at home. It’s a great stress-reliever.

Dylan was right: “the times they are a-changin’” and I for one welcome it with open arms!

Do you agree that dads are playing a more prominent and engaged role in raising their children?

Kip can be reached at or on Twitter @kipdurney

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