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“The best thing ever” for Patch NYC

August 30, 2012 05:19 PM


Marilyn Humphries

Don Carney (left) and John Ross of Patch NYC in Boston’s South End stand with pieces from the collection they designed for The Shops at Target.

It all started with hand-crocheted hats. Before they knew it, designers Don Carney and John Ross founded Patch NYC, which soon developed into an alluring curiosity boutique in New York City. Lucky for us, in 2010 New England called to them and they moved lock, stock, and fabulous design portfolio to the courtyard at 46 Waltham Street in Boston’s South End. All was going well, when last year “the best thing ever” happened, says Ross. They were invited by national retail chain Target to participate in its second round of The Shops at Target. The program asks selected brands to design a collection to sell in Target’s brick-and-mortar and online stores — for a limited time at affordable prices. Ross and Carney had no problem dreaming up playful, edgy pieces, most of which are inspired by nature and animated with drawings of owls, deer, foxes, feathers, and leaves. At a preview party held by Target and the blog Design Milk on August 29, the collection, one of four available at Target from September 9 to October 20, spilled out of their store and into the courtyard for invited guests to ogle (but, alas, not buy).


Fresh Starts

August 28, 2012 12:15 PM


Joel Benjamin

From left, Marc Hall, Paula Robinson, and Teri Maher contribute their design choices for Design New England September/October 2012 Selections.

Selections, our product-focused design department, is always about new ideas. But as we worked closely with the three talented designers who put together the vignettes for the feature in our September/October issue (in homes the first week of September), we realized all three were not only bringing us fresh ideas, they were each making a professional fresh start.


September/October 2012 cover!

August 27, 2012 01:30 PM


Architecture and interior design by Siemasko + Verbridge.

An architectural landmark on an ocean bluff is proudly rescued in Resurrection — written by Estelle Bond Guralnick and photographed by Eric Roth — in our new issue in home and online the first week of September!

Local home store supports community farm efforts

August 14, 2012 12:56 PM


Artefact Home|Garden carries a carefully selected range of products from garden accessories to interior decorations to kitchen wares like this rustic palette of wood and silver.

Even though we are busily working on our September/October renovations issue (on stands the first week of September), we might be tempted to escape the office and head to Artefact Home|Garden in Belmont, Massachusetts, for a day of shopping to benefit Waltham Fields Community Farm.


Marimekko comes to Boston

August 8, 2012 04:35 PM


Marimekko’s new storefront at 140 Newbury Street shows off its most successful patterns. Even bean bag chairs, out front on opening night for children to lounge, put the versatile textiles to stylish and practical use.

Marimekko puts a smile on your face. Between its bright colors and signature fabric patterns (Unikko’s oversize poppies have dominated the brand since 1964) and its happy approach to clothing, home wares, and accessories, the Finnish company founded in 1951 became a design icon in the 1950s and ‘60s and never looked back. Lucky us, we got to see the newest U.S. company store at 140 Newbury Street (the third in the United States behind New York City and Cambridge, Massachusetts, with two more coming to California soon) at its invitation-only opening blast Tuesday night.


Mystery solved!

August 7, 2012 01:37 PM


Well, we presented quite the challenge when we asked you to guess what the Studio North design team created at this summer’s weeklong workshop. You didn’t disappoint, and one of you even got it right! But it was the more imaginative submissions that sent our minds on flights of fancy as we pictured the contraption as Gulliver’s wheelbarrow, a portable farmer’s market, or better yet, a hot tub on the go, complete with shaded area for tub, open space to sun, and poles on the end to hang towels. We were impressed (and contently amused) with your answers. Several folks guessed it was some variation of a chicken-hauling tractor, and one reader saw a portable stall for miniature horses.

They were close. This is definitely meant for use in animal husbandry, but for pigs not poultry or bantam equine activity. Our own contributing writer, Nancy Humphrey Case, got it right away. (Honestly, there was no cheating. She’s a Vermont country girl and says she just made an educated guess.) So, drum roll, please: It is a portable pen to transport hogs from field to field in order to keep grazing even across a farm.


Mystery at Studio North

August 2, 2012 02:30 PM

Thumbnail image for A02 View from side, Moskow Linn Studio North 2012.jpg

If the Chicken Chapel (Il Tempietto di Pollo, May/June 2012) had you fascinated with the creativity fueling Moskow Linn Architects of Boston and its weeklong student summer workshop, Studio North, take a look at what this year’s team designed and built. But what is it? Architect Keith Moskow, principal at Moskow Linn, challenged us to take a guess. Our editor, Gail Ravgiala, saw a portable crèche waiting for Mary and Joseph. Associate editor Courtney Kasianowicz and art director Jenna Talbott thought it had a more impish quality and suggested that draped with colorful fabric it could be a pleasure barge hippies would have loved at Woodstock — think hundreds of white doves released at just the right theatrical moment. We invite you to take a guess in our comments section. We’ll choose our favorite next week and award its author a free one-year subscription to Design New England! And if anyone gets the right answer (which we will also reveal next week) we’ll give them a subscription, too. (Friends and family of Studio North not eligible! Be fair.)

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