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4 Reasons to Remember the Marathon Bombings With Your Children


It's time for that painful anniversary again. It's hard to believe it has been two years; when I close my eyes the panic and anguish of that day come rushing back as if it were yesterday. My eldest daughter was at the finish line, and although she wasn't hurt, the fact that she was so close (she would have been even closer, right where the first bomb went off, had her friend not got off at the wrong T-stop) makes me want to wipe that day from my memory completely.

I'm sure lots of us feel that way. Lots of us want the anniversary to go by quickly and with as little remembering as possible.

But it's really important that we don't let that happen. Even more, I think it's really important that parents take a moment and talk about the day with their children. Here's why:

We need to remember these kinds of events. Remembering them and talking about them is a big part of how we stop them from happening again. If we want the world to be a better place for our children, we need them to understand that evil exists, and bad things do happen, and that we need to forever work to prevent terrorism, and keep people safe.

Those who were lost or hurt deserve to be remembered and honored. Even if we didn't know them personally. It's important to teach our children to care about people they don't know, to understand that we are all connected, and that tragedy not only touches all of us, but demands something of all of us.

There was tremendous bravery and compassion that day and in the days that followed. People literally saved lives, and so many people gave so much in so many ways. We took care of the wounded, and we took care of each other. It's such an important example, such an important thing for our children to know and remember.

We have survived. We are Boston Strong. We have risen from all that horror, and we are better and stronger for it. Evil didn't win. Our children need to know that this is possible.

They need to know that more than anything else. So take a moment, and remember the day with them.

Photo credit: 2013 Rebecca Hildreth, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

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