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Obamacare support is down – might there be a reason?

Posted by John McDonough  September 12, 2013 10:23 PM

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Consider two disconnected stories out today. First, according to a new CNN poll, support for the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare among the public continues to be mediocre at best and has dropped further. Second, a Politico story reveals that a secretive non-profit organization, called Freedom Partners, spearheaded by the uber-wealthy right-wing Koch brothers, has been pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into groups dedicated to killing the ACA.

Gee, might there be a connection?

Koch.pngAccording to the poll, the ACA's favorability has dropped from 51% in January to 37% today, with heavier drops among women and Americans who make less than $50,000. The CNN story notes:

"There has also been a huge disparity over the past couple of years in ad spending over the issue, with groups opposed to Obamacare greatly outspending those in favor of the measure. The new poll suggests the negative advertising may be taking a toll. The forces opposed to the health care law have also been much more active on social media than those supportive of the law."


For confirmation of CNN's observation, check out this article in Politico, documenting the activities of Freedom Partners, a Koch brothers creation that funneled $236 million last year to a network of right-wing groups to promote the Koch's agenda. Number one on their agenda -- repeal of Obamacare.

The group that got the largest amount of love from Freedom Partners was Center to Protect Patient Rights, recipient of $115 million. That's a lot of love! To learn more about their financial history, check out this report on Open Secrets Blog. Want to find them on the web? Good luck. They don't exist. They just funnel Koch and other right-wing money to Republican candidates and organizations that attack Obamacare.

It's a Hurricane Sandy flood of money to any group that wants to attack Obamacare. Here's what I found at the Americans for Prosperity website:

"By covering young individuals that did not normally purchase health insurance, Obamacare artificially increases the number of people in the healthcare market. The increase of people seeking medical services worsens the existing doctor shortage in the country, impacting your care by resulting in longer waits for doctor visits and procedures. These problems will continue to get worse as one-third of doctors will retire over the next decade. Longer waits and delayed treatment is on its way under Obamacare."

A limitless supply of money to spread misinformation and fear -- that's the gameplan, funded by America's unbelievably rich who are, make no mistake, Obamacare's biggest losers. The Koch brothers have all the health security they could ever desire, and will pay hugely higher taxes to finance the law. They are bona fide Obamacare losers, especially because of the new Medicare payroll taxes on incomes higher than $250,000.

Here's the bottom line:

The Koch brothers spent a fortune to prevent the re-election of Barack Obama, getting zero return for their huge investment in Mitt Romney.  Now, they are now spending yet another fortune to kill the ACA. For these efforts, they also will gain nothing. They have already lost, and the ACA is going into full effect on January 1, 2014.  And, for the rest of their natural lives, the Koch brothers will pay hugely higher taxes -- to fund Obamacare.

God bless America!
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About the author

John E. McDonough is a professor of practice at the Harvard School of Public Health. He is the author of the book “Inside National Health Reform”, published in 2011 by More »


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