Get Moving


There's a phrase that keeps turning over in my head: "Pain demands to be felt."

Pain cannot be ignored -- in running or life.

Families lost boys tonight, two firefighters who have protected our city when we needed it most, and the times we took for granted, when things were still and calm.

Pain rubs us raw. It gnaws. It does not jump out and grab you, but instead tugs at you slowly, consistently, until it overwhelms and demands attention.

That's why it wears us down. It's the repeated act that's exhausting. Pain is a marathon.

Eventually, you muscle through it, because what other option do you have, really?

There is a moment, especially in running long distances, where you have to acknowledge the pain. It's worse if you try to ignore it, because it just comes back stronger.

This is one of those moments.

Two men are gone.

And the number of times I've run by their firehouse and yelled hello are innumerable.

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