Get Moving

Day 28: The spot

I keep wondering -- worrying really -- about how I'll react running over the spot I stood last year at the marathon.

I have not yet run across it. The longest training run I've done on the course so far has been 18 miles (I've done longer runs than that, just not on the course).

It has been on my brain lately, that damn spot.

In 2012, I baked in the sun on that spot, getting a wicked sunburn while live-tweeting and taking notes all day long.

In 2013, the weather was better, but the last tweet I sent from that spot still haunts me.

I am not sure if I am going to cry, stomp over the spot, or be too worried about just finishing the race to even notice where I'm running or what I'm running over.

The other night, during a fundraiser for my teammate, I was explaining to a friend that it took me months to return to Copley Square -- and when I did return, it was just before they dismantled the memorial.

I couldn't take a photo of the signs and shoes and ribbons left, instead I could only manage a photo of my Vibrams standing in Copley Square -- almost as proof to myself that I was actually there.

For better or worse, that spot is mine.

A bump in the road.

A place to pound over with my Vibrams, and wear smooth over time.

I just want marathon day to arrive already, so I can stop worrying about how I'll react. And just get over that spot.

But I know better.

I won't get over it.

But I will face it.

I have to.

Elizabeth is running the Boston Marathon for charity. To learn more about her cause or donate, please visit her here.

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