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Happy first blogiversary!

Posted by Elizabeth Comeau  January 7, 2013 09:15 AM

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On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Get Moving blog, I imagined I had this conversation with the blog itself (which may or may not be a sign you're losing your marbles) ...

Blog: "Hey! I'm one year old today."
Elizabeth: "Yes, blog. I know."
Blog: "What are you going to do to celebrate? I deserve a party with streamers, and music from our friends at @RadioBDC, and CAKE ... oh can we have some cake?"
Elizabeth: "I will be sure to mark the occasion, blog, but there will be no cake involved. How does a giant cup of French roast coffee sound instead?"
Blog: "Coffee seems lame compared to cake. Next thing you know you'll be telling me you're going to #plankADay as part of my anniversary present, too. Just don't buy me Tupperware ..."

For this first in a series of posts to mark the first blogiversary of Get Moving, I thought I'd start the day off with a day-in-the-life post since that's what you all e-mail me asking about the most. Many of you have asked what I do all day at, in addition to asking me questions about my fitness routine and personal life (for the reader who asked me if brown is my natural hair color just this morning the answer is, yes). So, this post is my attempt to let you into my wacky life a wee bit more.

Be sure to check back later today for another post (one filled with stats for those of you who are data-geek nerds like myself).

Now, without further ado, here's a blow-by-blow of my day (in mostly photo form):

4 a.m.
I wake up every weekday at 4 a.m. If you've been reading this blog for a bit, you know I prefer to exercise in the morning while everyone in my household is still sleeping. Because I get up so early, and because I love the stuff, this is always the first thing I see in the morning. Next, while I'm getting to my workout clothes, I scan the news on my phone to make sure there were no big, breaking health stories I missed overnight that should be addressed immediately.

5 a.m.
By now, I've driven from home to work, where I am lucky enough to have a gym. A typical morning consists of a solid 3-5 mile run (lately indoors), lifting weights, and, of course, a #plankAday. (This photo is proof that one should never try to take a photograph while running.)

7 a.m.
Tucked safely in my cube, I check out what's going on in the health world again: What are the latest studies, what's being reported by the news wires, what are the Boston Globe health reporters working on today? What's big on Twitter? What are readers buzzing about? Once I've figured all of that out, I start planning online coverage for the rest of the day/week and work to update the health section content accordingly as well as brainstorm new features. And, if it's a Monday, I'm also preparing to go on @RadioBDC with Henry Santoro to discuss what's new in the health section that week.

Right about now I've been cranking on news, social media, and writing/editing blog posts enough that I need to not only get some lunch (#eatittweetit, anyone?), but also sneak in a #plankAday break to get up and move around and get away from my desk.

4 p.m.
Back in the grind of finding news and developing content, I'm updating the section again, blog, and other features. Plus, now is the time I make sure we have new, fresh features set for first thing in the morning so the early risers will have new and interesting features to read if they are up as early as I am.

7 p.m.
With my toddler asleep, this is my time to relax with a cup of coffee, write, do yoga, and just plain old unwind. It's also the time of day I like to respond to blog e-mails or comments (while I check the comments regularly during the work day, breaking news doesn't always allow me to craft every person a response, but I do make an effort to answer every e-mail I get at some point in the same week I get it). By 10 p.m., this lady is in bed dreaming of the next really strong cup of coffee ...

Staying fit is an important part of staying healthy. This blog will offer exercise tips from experts as well as share the personal journeys of Globe staff members committed to fitness. No matter your age or energy level, we invite you to join in and share your own story. How do you find time to work out? What are your daily challenges? Let us know and read along -- and together, we can all get moving.


Elizabeth Comeau is a social media marketing manager at She will be blogging about her personal fitness journey and using a device called a FitBit to track her weekly goals and progress (see below). Follow her journey and share your own. Read more about Elizabeth and this blog.

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