Burger King expanding delivery service but still not in Boston

AP Photo/Claude Paris, File
AP Photo/Claude Paris, File

As if drive-throughs weren’t enough, now Burger King now offers a delivery service to all those who are too lazy to get up, step into their cars, and drive to the nearest location. The fast-food chain announced on Tuesday that it would now be delivering to Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. That’s in addition to deliveries already started last year in New York, Miami, and Houston.

Boston, sadly, doesn’t yet have this service. I’m curious what you think of this idea. Will Burger King deliveries—in addition to those made by Domino’s, Quinzo’s and Papa John’s—just add to our nation’s obesity epidemic? Should people be forced to walk or ride their bikes to fast-food establishments?

Okay, I’m joking, but I’d love to hear whether you’d like to see Burger King delivered to your house.

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