Going stir crazy? How to deal

If you’re like most of Boston stuck inside and experiencing feordom—fear mixed with boredom—today, you may wondering how to deal with that feeling of being pent up like a caged animal. A lot of you tweeted us @BeWellBoston that you’re turning to ice cream, a lot of it, to get you through the day. Others have been planking. Good for you!

I suggest a mix of humor, meditation, and exercise to get you through in good spirits. And if you must have that ice cream, don’t eat the entire pint.

1. Laugh and then try this dance walk. Do it around your house, in your yard, down your block if you dare. If nothing else, watch this video for laughs. I do all the time.

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2. Meditate. I did this video yesterday morning for 20 minutes, and it cured my morning migraine and enable me to put in a 12 hour day in a much better mood. (Begin at minute 23 for the meditation part.)

3. Get that calorie burn. Try this 30 minute boot camp video. It will get your heart rate up, boost your mood, and hopefully distract you long enough from that ice cream sitting in your freezer.