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Ask Joan: Are Expensive Megablenders Worth It?

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Dear Joan,

I was recently at a party on the West Coast, and the people at the party couldn't stop raving about their Vitamixes. And this was despite price tags of about $500. Some of the people said that their favorite aspect was that the machine could make delicious, hot soup right in the machine. And of course they used them to make smoothies and all kinds of crazy things with kale. So should I have to shell out? Or if I threw a bunch of kale and apples and Greek yogurt in my regular blender would it produce anything more than undrinkable mush? What's your professional opinion of these types of machines?

Signed: Are Expensive Megablenders Worth It?

Dear Are Expensive Megablenders Worth It,

While I consider myself a high-tech professional at work, I am a low-tech chef in the kitchen. My go-to classic blender that I use to makes soups and smoothies is likely older than you. Homemade healthy soups have been shown to be kind to your waist, and smoothies made with fruits and veggies can be a potassium powerhouse.

So to answer your question about megablenders, I went right to the pros, Consumer Reports magazine, as they recently rated a slew of blenders.

While Vitamix, priced at over $500, got the highest ratings in their review of full-size blenders, some lower priced varieties, such as the Ninja costing only $100, made their top 10 list. In fact, it appears that these two brands also have less expensive, mini–blender versions. The Vitamix S30 holds 40 ounces and costs $400, and the Nutri Ninja holds 24 ounces and costs $90. Consumer Reports put these two mini-blenders to a head-to-head smoothie face off, and the Nutri Ninja won. So if you are looking for a less expensive new blender, you may want to give the Ninja a swirl.

While I will be sticking with my low-tech blender, does anyone have a favorite blender for making soups and smoothies? If so, please comment below.

Be Well, Joan

Twitter: @JoanSalgeBlake

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