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Holiday Cocktails Make Santa's Cookie Habit Look Healthy

ĎTis the alcohol season. From now until New Yearsí Day, based on the number of parties and yuletide festivities that you may be attending, you will likely be consuming more alcohol than typical. So what's your favorite holiday cheer?

According to a Harris Poll, wine seems to be the beverage of choice during the holidays. For men, beer comes in second while ladies are more likely ordering cocktails, spirits, and liquor as their second choice for their holiday cheer.

While 5 ounces of wine pours up about 125 calories and a beer will cost you about 150 calories, festive alcoholic beverages can add a tad more calories in your stemware depending upon what is added to the alcohol:

Mulled Wine: 155 calories

Pomegranate Martini: 260 calories

Eggnog with Rum: 500 calories

If you only have one party to go to in a week, and you keep to only one drink, any single alcoholic drink, festive or not, wonít cause much caloric damage to your diet. However, if this seasonís social calendar is fairly full, I found a nifty alcohol calculator online that allows you to enter the amount of drinks that you plan to consume during the week. It will then tally the predicted amount of calories you may be sipping over the course of the seven days.

Hereís how it works: Letís say that youíre planning to go to four holiday events this week and plan to have two drinks at each event. Based on the alcohol calculation below, you could be consuming over 1,000 calories and thatís not even counting the appetizers that youíre nibbling on while you are sipping:

Alcohol Calculator.PNG

Alcohol calculator 2.PNG

Click here to use the calculator to get your personalized intake.

Since you would have to walk briskly for about four hours to burn off those 1,052 calories, you may want to consider bundling up and walking to all your holiday parties if you plan to take in that much alcohol.

An easier way to cut back on your holiday beverage calories is to use this holiday tip: Always drink alcohol in a one-to-one ratio. After a glass of wine, beer, or a cocktail, make the second "drink" a large glass of sparkling water. Who may end up stopping after the second "drink" of water and eliminate that second glass of calorie-containing alcohol altogether this holiday season.

Even better, become the designated driver, and skip the alcoholic calories altogether.

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