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Whole grains in the spotlight this week

If you havenít added whole grains to your diet yet, it may be easier this week to make the change.

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Thumbnail image for WGC_SampleDayWed14.pngOrganized by our own Boston-based, non-profit Oldways and its Whole Grains Council, Wednesday April 2 is the third annual, nationwide Whole Grain Sampling Day. Their goal is to nudge you along to make at least half of your daily grains servings be whole grain choices such as whole wheat bread and pasta, oats, barley, and popcorn.

According to the Journal of Nutrition, whole grains may help you lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even better manage your weight. The most compelling finding among researchers is they donít exactly know what it is in the whole grains that give them this star quality. Most likely, itís a combination of its healthy components, such vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals working, synergistically to provide the health benefits.

To help in this whole grain crusade, there are numerous area eateries that are showcasing whole grains, or regularly have these more nutritious options on their menu:

California Pizza Kitchen will be using social media to talk up their whole grain choices, including whole wheat pizza crust, whole wheat pita, and quinoa-arugula salad.

Bon Me Food Trucks will be promoting their whole grain Vietnamese cuisine featuring rice bowls made with brown rice and soba noodle salads.

Clover Restaurants and Food Trucks will be promoting their fresh and delicious whole grain soups, salads, and pita bread. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter to see what's cooking on April 2nd.

Local favorite Dunkin' Donuts always offers Whole Grain and Multigrain bagels, a great option for breakfast.

Happy Whole Grain Sampling Day (Week)!

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