Chat: Mass. General Hospital neurologist talks sleep disorders, Nov. 15

Dr. Matt T. Bianchi at work at the Massachusetts General Hospital Neurology Sleep Center. (Photo: Massachusetts General Hospital)

What are strategies for falling asleep? Do I have sleep apnea if I snore? Neurologist Matt T. Bianchi, the chief of sleep medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, discusses one of the most widespread health challenges: how to get enough sleep.

Bianchi is a board-certified neurologist with a subspecialty in sleep medicine. As the director of the Sleep Division in the neurology department at the Massachusetts General Hospital (, Bianchi specializes in sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia. His background in physiology and biophysics have inspired his quantitative approaches to sleep medicine research. He has been awarded grants from Harvard Catalyst (KL2) and the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology to develop quantitative home-based phenotyping approaches in sleep medicine.

Note: Please check with your own doctor for any personal questions related to your health.

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