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New to marriage — and cooking?

These recipes let newlyweds use wedding gifts to make special meals any day of the week.
Thanks for Dishing with us
This blog is currently dormant. We enjoyed serving up recipes, news, and thoughts on food in this space. Thank you for reading....


By the Glass Columns

Summertime charms

Summertime charms

Chilled Loire reds may be the next hot thing. How cool is that?
We now pronounce you ready to cook

We now pronounce you ready to cook

Everyone who has ever been on the dating circuit knows that a relationship only gets serious when somebody dares to cook dinner. If you follow this logic, then newlyweds truly cross the marital threshold when they engage in those meal preparations that mark everyday life - quick weeknight dinners, an evening entertaining friends, or a cheerful Sunday morning brunch.

Newlywed recipes

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Stephanie and Steve's wedding

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Readers' favorite wedding photo spots

Readers' favorite wedding photo spots

The wedding photo is a memory guaranteed to last forever. And sure, you have to look good. But so does the scenery! Here are readers' favorite places to take wedding photos.

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