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It's really hot. Here's what we're eating.

Temperatures are scorching in the Hub this week, resting (un)comfortably in the '90s. For those of us who can't resist staying out of the kitchen, here are some of our favorites cravings to beat the heat wave hunger games -- most of which require minimal or no time over a stove or in the oven.
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Common sense: When faced with a heat wave (and occasionally unreliable access to air conditioning) you sweat. A lot. And lots of water is absolutely necessary. So is food. This kills two birds with one stone. And tastes awesome ... so there's that, too.
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Vodka watermelon: What would summer be if we didn't all have a nice juicy slice of vodka-infused watermelon? And it's easier than you think: just funnel two cups of lime-flavored vodka into your full melon and you've got a tipsy treat to beat the heat. (Sweet Paul)

Watermelon, feta, and mint salad bites: Hate yourself for agreeing to bring a plate to this weekend's get-together? Fret not. These feta-flanked skewers require minimal time in the kitchen and are a fun alternative to the tired ol' caprese you know everyone else is bringing. (Madigan Made)

Watermelon mango pico de gallo: Melon arrives chopped up finely with juicy bites of mango and spicy kicks of jalapeno in this fruity salsa. Perfect for sharing. Or hoarding. Whatever. It's too hot to share. (Damn Delicious)


Avocados are a fresh alternative for the fatty necessities -- like olive oil, butter, and cream -- we crave when the temps are a bit cooler. Spreadable, rich, and creamy. It's like nature's butter. Sort of.
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Avocado toast: Simple in theory, simple in execution. Avocado toast may be our favorite 3-minute meal. Smash a ripe avocado half onto thick toasted bread and top as you please. We've seen it garnished with chopped chives, coated by a poached egg, and even accompanied by a few slices of smoked salmon and tomato, but we love it in its simplest form: a quick shake of crushed red pepper and flaky sea salt and a healthy drizzle of quality EVOO and you've got yourself a meal. (Annie's Hungry)

Cucumber avocado tuna salad: Heavy mayo and oil-based tuna salads turn our stomachs when the temperature rises but this kicky take on the tradition piques our interest. A light dressing of avocado and lime coats a crunchy, bright tuna salad suitable for serving on even the hottest day of the heat wave. (Kalyn's Kitchen)

15-minute Creamy Avocado Pasta: If for some ungodly reason you're craving a creamy pasta dish in the heat, this recipe may be the answer to your prayers. A garlicky avocado sauce, whipped up quickly in the food processor, coats noodles in a rich, creamy sauce with spark of citrus that tastes like summer. (Oh She Glows)

Cold noodles

Our cravings for big bowls of pasta are relatively seasonless. Cold noodles are usually easy to fix and can live in the fridge for days at a time, occasionally getting better with time, stretching your efforts through the week. Carb on.
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Cold soba noodles with dipping sauce (Zarusoba): It doesn't get any easier than this. Simmer a pot of soba noodles and make a two-ingredient dashi stock dipping sauce for a deeply satisfying meal that's served ice cold. (Just Hungry)

Joyce's drunken noodle salad: We love a piping hot order of Thai takeout that typically includes a greasy order of drunken noodles with extra hot sauce, please. But on warmer days, this cool salad, which incorporates many of the elements of our fave dish, is a solid alternative. (The Kitchn)

Cold sauce: This is kind of a cheat because it's actually served warm. However, it's a fantastic alternative for those craving homemade red sauce but dread the idea of slaving over a stove. Fresh ingredients are left to stew in the fridge overnight and are then tossed cold with piping hot, just boiled pasta for a simply synergistic supper. (Food 52)


Yogurt may be the perfect hot weather food. Cool, creamy, and versatile, with just enough protein to call it a meal. We love it in dips, as marinade, as a sauce, or on its own, frozen or refrigerated, sweet or savory. We even like its awkward cousins, cottage cheese and sour cream. Everyone is invited to the party.
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Chaat papdi: This traditional Indian snack is a layered mix of crispy crackers, chicpeas, sweet chutney, and a cool, lightly spiced yogurt sauce that is absolutely addictive. (Crumbs and Tales)

Peach-banana smoothie popsicles: If the froyo sensation has taught us anything it's that yogurt is delicious frozen. (Please stop rolling your eyes at us now.) These pops, made with bananas and peaches blended with Greek yogurt, sound like a great breakfast on the go. Just know those folks giving you the stink eye for eating an ice pop on the T are probably just jealous. (Offbeat and Inspired)

Frozen yogurt banana pops: These are so simple and are probably great for kids -- but likely to be mostly consumed by us adults. Just roll banana halves in strawberry Greek yogurt, coat in Rice Krispies and freeze-dried strawberries, add a stick, and freeze. (Recipe Runner)

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Take-out options are at your fingertips

Take-out options
With this heat wave hitting Boston, we're pretty sure you want to stay far away from the hot stove and oven (and we don't blame you). To help you avoid the kitchen, we have included various websites that provide hundreds of options for take-out or delivery.

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