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If you want to impress your guest of honor

Posted by Sheryl Julian  December 10, 2008 01:56 PM

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Clio chef Ken Oringer hosted Ferran Adria for dinner last night. Here's the menu. No word on whether they're all still over there eating.

Caviar fritter, California payusnaya

Hoya, Pickled Peach, Cauliflower and Cognac AÏoli

O-Toro Tartar, Quail Egg and Nori Emulsion

Akayagarra and Akashi Tai
Liver soy, ponzu and fresh wasabi

Goeduck Clam and Crispy Duck Tongues
sudashi lime, shiso flowers and sushi rice sorbet

Pico Rocco au Naturel, Pickled Mustard Seeds and Seagrapes

Yuzu Gelée
black olive dust, mint, olive oil ice cream, tomato jam

cinnamon bark, persimmon and crunchy soy beans

Cassolette of Live Santa Barbara Sea Urchin, Lobster and Nantucket Bay Scallops
parsnip milk and crispy shallots

Shark Fin Hot Pot
king crab, pig ears terrine and yellow chives

Sauteed Abalone Grenobloise
roasted lemon, golden raisins, brown butter powder, capers and parsley

White Curry Tripe
spicy coconut, galanga and black cardamom

Black Truffle Fondue
celery root mousseline and bitter cocoa

White Truffle
candy maple, parmesan cheese and morcilla

Wild Burgundy Escargots
pumpernickel, habanero and jaggary

En croûte of Black Truffle, Cocks Combs, Forgotten Vegetables in Hen Broth

Consommé of the Forest
wood pigeon, pine and matsutake mushrooms

Duo of Foie gras
Terrine with Texture of Concord Grapes, Menthol and Fennel Berries
Lacquered with Buddha’s Hands, Hibiscus and Bee Pollen

Venison Cooked in Espresso
cocoa crumble, uchiki kuri squash and yogurt

Vacherin Mont D’or
pain d’epices and rosehips,

Aged goat Cheese Emulsion and Fresh Goat Cheese Snow
pistachio and green tomato chutney

Liquid Pumpkin Pie and Brown Butter Toffee

Mandarin Capsule
sassafras ice cream, burnt orange and shortbread

Milk Chocolate Geode
hazelnut ice cream, lemon foam, coffee streusel and fennel pollen

Clio Chicorée Eggnog

Durian Milk Shake

Frozen Maple Syrup, Chicharon, Teeccino

Salted Peanut Chocolate and Poke Stick

Black Sesame Argan Financier, Goji Berry and Yogurt
Smores Brochette
Green Tea Cotton Candy, Exotic Citrus, Amethyst Clusters

Chartreuse Elixir with Black Licorice

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