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Mayans at the end of the world

Posted by Josh Childs  December 17, 2012 11:05 PM

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If New Age spiritualists are right, the world's going to end soon- December 21st to be exact, but that's their interpretation. We've heard this kind of 'doomsday' thing before, of course, but here's the real deal: Friday ends a 5,125-year cycle called the 'long count' in one Mayan calendar, which scholars say simply ends the calendar and begins another (and who doesn't like a clean slate?).

I certainly plan on paying my mortgage and bills, but false prophets and their accuracy not withstanding, assuming the worst case scenario, I began thinking about what my last drink might be.
Being a cocktail blog, I should pick a clever craft libation, but if all bets were off, probably I’d drink a high end bottle of bubbly like Taittinger Comtes du Champagne which I normally can't afford.
Clearly I better consult an expert.

Beau Sturm, my partner in Trina's Starlite Lounge has, per usual, done the heavy lifting when it comes to liquor knowledge, gave me some insight. He tells me that historians believe the Mayans would offer a liqueur as an offering to the gods called Xtabentun (sh-been-toon)- an anise, fermented honey, Xtabentun flower, rum based spirit. Rumor has it they had some unique ways of imbibing it themselves to get booze in the bloodstream faster- sounds like an early rave. Xtabentun still is made in the Yucatan, and Beau got a hold of some (as my luck would have it) for a drink. He says he "loves the idea of a Mexican Sazerac because the Xtabentun is reminiscent of Herbsaint." He goes further regarding his naming the drink- "easy, because it's the coolest car ever made."
El Camino 2 oz Reposado Tequila, .5 oz Xtabentun, dash of Bittermans Mole bitters (think chocolate), no garnish.

El Camino.jpg

Beau's 'doomsday' cocktail would be a bone dry vodka Martini, 3 olives, ice cold like a stock broker might drink. Why? Because the Fiscal Cliff (also his renaming of the cocktail) scares him much more than the end of the Myan calendar.

Thursday night what I really should do is stop by the great Central Square neighborhood spot, Green Street Grill. Owner Dylan Black has as much claim to the cocktail revolution in Boston as anyone. In fact, the roster of all-star bartenders who have worked with him, at his bar, is like the original Dream Team- and he's Patrick Ewing. While I could pick a variety of beverages from the present day five countries officially celebrating the end of the Mayan calendar; Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras- I'm still craving Tequila. Dylan has suggested my last cocktail, then, should at the very least be a classic, the Rosita 1 oz Blanco Tequila, 1 oz Campari, .5 oz each of sweet and dry vermouth, orange peel. He can read me well- an elegant, bittersweet Negroni variation, a perfect toast before the end of days.
Then, the following week, I'll go in and just have a beer.


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