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Eat Your Way Through May

Posted by Jacki Morisi April 30, 2013 01:13 PM

Swimsuit season is just around the corner, but with so many food events on the horizon getting in shape may be tougher than originally anticipated. Everything in moderation, right? See what's in store for Boston this month.

Saturday, May 4: Food Truck Throwdown Another New York versus Boston rivalry is put to the test this Saturday as food trucks from both cities compete in a series of competitions to see who will be named reigning champ. Stop by the Greenway from 11am - 9pm for live music, celebrity judges and plenty of food.


GBCC26-200x300.jpgSaturday, May 4: The Great Cupcake Crawl

Visit the finest cupcake bakeries Boston has to offer on this 2.5 hour walking tour where you'll have the chance to taste the city's best. The crawl doesn't explicitly tell you where you'll end up, but their clues offer up some helpful hints. If you're known to have a sweet tooth, this is the food event for you.

Thursday, May 9: Lobster Roller

For only $15 you can help support Future Chefs and see who makes the best Lobster Roll. The New York & Boston chefs behind Kitchen Surfing will show off their killer lobster roll recipes to see if Boston really is home to the best Lobster Roll. Event starts at 6pm.


East Boston Classic: Rino's Place

Posted by Michelle Zippelli April 30, 2013 09:59 AM

Earlier this month I finally made it to East Boston to check out the famous Rino's Place. I've heard about the classic Italian dishes and insane portion sizes many times from friends, chefs, and of course, Guy Fieri. The old school spot is so small and so crowded, people used to spend the two hour plus waits outside, regardless of temperature. Now, thank god, they own a new place across the street called Primo e Dopo, which is perfect for a drink and an appetizer before Rino's or a coffee after dinner. It does get dangerous though, two hour waits equal up to a lot of glasses of wine.

You have to expect to devote your entire night to the East Boston experience, we got there around 9 on a Friday night and didn't eat until around 11. Afterwards I doubt you'll want to do anything but go home and lie down, the food coma is inevitable.

Here's what we tried...


Mozzarella, Tomato and Prosciutto Appetizer


Pappardelle Bolognese - homemade pasta tossed with ground veal, pork and beef slowly cooked in a fresh plum tomato sauce


Vitello Carozella - scallopini of veal topped with puffs of fresh mozzarella and finished in a white wine lemon sage sauce

Rino's was every bit worth the trip, the wait and the round trip cab fare. It was not only some of the best classic Italian food I've had in Boston, but in my entire life. All the pasta is homemade and the sauces and technique are every bit authentic. You will over eat, it's impossible not to. Even with the lack of self control you may experience in the face of homemade pasta, you will still have leftovers for a week.

Rino's Place
258 Saratoga St.
East Boston, MA 02128

Highlights from Ming Tsai's Blue Dragon

Posted by Michelle Zippelli April 24, 2013 02:42 PM

Two months after the mid-february opening of Blue Dragon, I finally made it down to Fort Point to check out Ming Tsai's new spot. Officially dubbed an Asian Gastropub, the menu offers a mix of modern asian small plates, dim sum and noodle dishes that run the gamut from Bahn Mi sandwiches to Panko fish and chips. Blue Dragon is much more affordable and casual than its Wellesley-based counterpart, Blue Ginger, most small plates priced between $7 and $12.

Here are some favorites from the dinner menu...


Braised Beef and Chinese Celery Potstickers


Bison Mini Burgers with Teriyaki Caramelized Onions and Shiitakes - agreed-upon group favorite


Korean Chicken Wings with Fresh Kimchee and Soy Glaze

Keep in mind Blue Dragon doesn't take reservations. It was packed to the brim when I went on a Thursday after work, so be prepared to wait for a table. They are also open for lunch, which might be less crowded than the after work rush. Blue Dragon is also closed on Sundays.

324 A Street
Boston, MA 02210

5 Reasons To Try The New Brunch at Mooo....

Posted by Michelle Zippelli April 15, 2013 10:40 AM

When I first heard about the details of Mooo's new brunch menu, I got slightly overwhelmed with excitement. I've had dinner there once before and it was a truly memorable experience with standout dishes - one of which was the dumplings that also appear on the brunch menu. The other, beef wellington. Starting mid March, Mooo now serves brunch every Sunday from 8am to 2pm. Their sister restaurant, Mistral, has been famous for its brunch for years and judging by Mooo's elaborate menu, live music and free valet offering, it seems to me they are looking to make a similar mark in the Boston brunch scene.

Here are some highlights from Mooo's brunch...

1. Bloody mary flight.

mooo_bloodymary.jpgYes, that exists.

2. Cinnamon sugar brioche.

mooo_brioche.jpgThis comes before the meal even starts.

3. Tator tots.

mooo_burger.jpgServed with the burger with sunny side egg on top.

4. The kobe dumplings.

mooo_dumplings.jpgIt wouldn't be Mooo without them. And dumplings for breakfast are always allowed.

5. This french toast.

mooo_frenchtoast.jpgComplete with a bruleed banana.

See what I mean?

Happy Marathon Monday!

Easy Weeknight Dinner: Sausage & Broccoli Pappardelle

Posted by Michelle Zippelli April 9, 2013 09:03 AM


Ever since I tried the homemade hot Italian pork sausage from the butcher at Whole Foods, I've been incorporating it into a number of different recipes. Anything you cook it with soaks up the spice and essentially eliminates the need for additional seasoning. Of all the experimenting I've done, nothing was easier and a better match for the hot sausage than a simple pasta dish with pappardelle egg noodles and broccoli -- which just so happens to be in season now. In 15 minutes you have a dinner for four and the only additional ingredient you'll need is some garlic, olive oil and grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to finish it off.


Start by boiling the water for the pasta. In a separate pan, heat a little extra virgin olive oil, whole garlic cloves and cook the chopped sausage. 2-3 links is more than enough.


Once the sausage cooks for a few minutes, add chopped broccoli stems. Once the stems are at a desired softness / crunch, add the chopped heads. The stems take longer to cook than the heads so separate them in advance for best results.


Once the pasta is al dente, add it to the pan and cook for another minute or two. The broccoli heads and pappardelle egg noodles only need to cook for a few minutes - so try to time everything up just right.


Serve with plenty of cheese.

About the authors

Michelle Zippelli is a Boston based hedonist who is committed to finding the best food that Boston has to offer. She has lived in Boston for 6 years and works in online marketing. Michelle loves meatballs, live music, exotic cheeses, Mexican food, spur of the moment dance parties, and all things pickled.
Jacki Morisi is a self-proclaimed bon vivant extraordinaire. A Boston native whose waking hours are exclusively focused on travel, music, food, and fare ... emphasis on food and fare. She's a firm believer that just because you're living on a young professional's budget doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste, and carries this mantra into each and every dining endeavor.
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