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Yuengling officially drops in Massachusetts today


Have at it, hipsters: Beer from Pennsylvania's D.G. Yeungling & Son hits Massachusetts liquor stores today. Yuengling has been making the rounds in Boston bars for the last several weeks.

Yuengling Lager, Light and Black & Tan will all be available in the state. The beer was sold in the state 20 years ago but was pulled from the market to focus on the mid-Atlantic and Midwest. Massachusetts becomes the 15th state to carry the beer.

Yuengling has achieved something of a mythic status in New England in part because you haven't been able to buy it here. It will be interesting to see how beer from America's oldest continually operating brewery (Yuengling was founded in 1829) fits into the local scene. Short of adding more tap lines or shelf space, it doesn't seem possible for Yuengling to enter without displacing someone else. Yuengling's price point is more in line with macro-beers, but it's hard to see anyone taking Bud or Coors off the shelf for it.

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