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Beer-flavored jelly beans? Of course


In the next logical step for humankind, Jelly Belly has launched the world's first beer-flavored jelly beans.

Jelly Belly sold out of its entire stock of "Draft Beer" flavored beans earlier this year, but the beans are back, along with a St Patrick's Day counterpart, on March 14. They'll be available in limited supply at the company's tour centers in California and Wisconsin.

How do the beans taste? Jelly Belly was kind enough to send me samples of both colors of beans. The beans smell slightly bready and taste of sweet caramel. Beer drinkers will notice that the flavors are similar to the malt profile in a beer (think something like Samuel Adams Octoberfest). The beans don't actually replicate the feeling of drinking a beer, and they're non-alcoholic, which is good because I just downed 8 of them at work. Each bean is four calories.

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