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Review: Blue Hills King's Kolsch

The Massachusetts Brewer's Guild currently lists 52 members. Writing about beer in Boston should be somewhat succinct, but that kind of membership means even the most ardent writer has trouble keeping up. In my tenure, 99 Bottles has yet to review a beer from Canton's Blue Hills Brewery.

bluehilskolsh.jpg King's Kolsch is Blue Hills' fall offering. It's a take on a traditional German style, a top-fermented lager native to Cologne. The beers are characterized by a pleasant hoppy bitterness and are seen as a bridge between blander lagers and more flavorful beers. As such, it has become popular with American brewers.

Blue Hills King's Kolsch is an imperial version of the style, packing an ABV of 7.25 percent. The beer pours a dark chestnut into a tulip glass. It's unfiltered; chunks of sediment swirl and drift slowly to the bottom. Baked bread and faint flowers form the nose.

The beer is easy to drink. A wisp of citrus gives way to a pleasant, lingering sweetness. It's also kind of flat. Not much carbonation to this one. The mouthfeel is a bit thick for the intended style.

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