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Review: Clown Shoes Luchador En Fuego

I've given you plenty of summer sippers recently, but despite the warm weather, we're going to dive back into some heavier stuff this week.

luchador.jpgThrough marketing and distribution, Clown Shoes Beer appears to be everywhere these days. Matt Lauer even quaffed some when the Today Show visited Fanueil Hall earlier this year. Somebody did something really good there, marketing-wise. The company now ships as far afield as Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Alabama.

Clown Shoes' Third Anniversary beer, "Luchador En Fuego", is a version their "Chocolate Sombrero" beer aged in Heaven Hill and Wild Turkey bourbon barrels. The original beer is an imperial stout with ancho chili, cinnamon, and vanilla extract added. Aging adds even more complexity. More ancho chili was added, just in case. As is the case with most Clown Shoes beers, this one is boozy, weighing in at a no-joke 11-percent alcohol by volume. Pack a blanket.

"Luchador En Fuego" pours oil-rig black with very little carbonation into a tulip glass. Chocolate and vanilla swirl in the nose. The first sip is thick and rich. Coffee and dark chocolate are the predominant flavors, but a subtle spice slides down your throat on the back end. This is a big beer, but it's worthy of your attention.

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