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Six Father's Day beer gift ideas

If you listen to the radio or watch television, you know that all dads love grillin', golfin', nappin', and watchin' sports. The man in your life naturally loves all of these things, but with Father's Day approaching you should also consider these beer-themed gift ideas for dear ole' dad:

-- A "growler" of local beer:

trill.jpgTaking a trip to your friendly neighborhood brewery has become the equivalent of taking a ride to the grocery store. Most small breweries sell beer to carry out, and the choices vary depending on the week. In the Boston area, Harpoon, Idle Hands, Night Shift, Trillium (pictured), and Mystic all pour "growlers" to take home. Folks who haven't heard the term seem to get a kick out of the word "growler", and dad will appreciate fresh beer and the thought that went into it.

-- Hermetus bottle opener and resealer:

opener.jpgIf you've ever opened a large bottle of beer and just couldn't finish it, this one is for you. The device opens beer bottles but also provides an air-tight seal if you wish to put your bottle away for the night. I was sent one of these several months ago. For a long time it worked great; a little rubber stopper slides over the lip of the bottle so tightly that removing it becomes difficult. It's hard to imagine any air getting in there. Thick stouts and other lightly-carbonated beers kept very well (capping a double-IPA or Pilsener seems like bad form), and the product was a minor miracle. I'd probably be considered something of a heavy user, but over time the rubber stopper became less effective.

-- Tickets to Beer Advocate's Belgian Beer Fest:

Tickets to one of the best beer festivals in the country just went on sale. Beer Advocate puts on great events that allow you to sample from dozens of beers, including new and rare offerings. I just spent a Saturday at their American Craft Beer Festival and was blown away by the quality and breadth of choices. The Belgian Beer Fest has three sessions, including Friday night's highly sought after "Night of the Funk", where sour is king.

-- Draftmark tap system:

draftmark.jpg There's an easy way to get draft beer in your refrigerator. The Draftmark home tap system, which sells for around $49.99, requires very little effort to set up. You can purchase gallon refills of Anheuser-Busch InBev beer brands, including Budweiser. Shock Top, and a couple of Goose Island beers. I was recently sent a system and a Goose Island Honkers Ale insert. The beer pours easily and cleanly. It could be great for a party. The refill options are decidedly not craft, but many of my readers here don't care much for the distinction. You're not saving any money here, but it's a fun concept.

-- A 'Gansett tie:

tie.jpg Let's face it. Father's Day is all about kitsch. I was recently sent a book with instructions on how to make knitted hats out of used bottle caps. That one didn't make the cut, but there's room for frivolity sometimes. Narragansett is an iconic brand capitalizing on a recent revival. You can buy your guy a "Hi-Neighbor" tie and he'll look no more absurd than a modern-day NBA player during a postgame press conference.

-- Beer soap:

beersoap.jpgAn earlier version of this post mistakenly left this out. I certainly don't need another means to reek of IPA, but the makers of this soap promise you won't smell of beer after washing. Instead, the soap will "make your skin rejoice at the exfoliating properties of beer." Available in IPA, porter, apricot wheat beer, and more.

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