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World of Beer proposed for Davis Square

Adam Gaffin, who does a great job at Universal Hub, pointed many to a story today that the Florida chain World of Beer wants to expand into Davis Square Somerville. The chain is eying a site in the Social Security building space at 240 Elm Street.

There is a minor kerfuffle over the proposal from neighbors who worry that the establishment will focus too much on drinking and not enough on eating. A public meeting is scheduled for April 17. Gaffin headlines his article, "Does World of Beer equal world of trouble in Davis Square?"

The answer to that question is "no". World of Beer bars are no more nefarious than other bars in the area. They typically offer some 500 beers on tap and in bottles, and as such are good entry-level bars for folks looking to try as much new beer as possible in one place. The Yardhouse chain has done very well next to Fenway Park, which is a highly-trafficked tourist area. Davis seems like a less ideal location, though I imagine the chain would do fine.

World of Beer would be a welcome addition to the Boston beer scene. It also won't be a game-changer. There will still be 15 to 20 Boston-area beer bars offering a better-curated selection of beer served with proper food. World of Beer won't be breaking any kind of new ground, but when it comes to good beer, the more choices the better.

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