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Session Beer Day is Sunday

There's a "Day", "Week", or "Month" for everything now. National Cream Cheese Day. Appreciate Your Math Teacher Week. Most of them are overkill and generated to promote a particular product or industry.

They're overkill, of course, unless you like the product being promoted. Then it's an excuse to party. My friends at Notch Brewing are holding just such a party on Sun., April 7, and they're calling it Session Beer Day.

leftofdial.jpgThis is a good time to explain what session beer is, since the term is used more and more in the craft industry today. While there's no specific definition, a "session" beer is one you can drive several of in one "session" without getting drunk or feeling weighed down. The alcohol content of these beers are usually low (less than 5 percent is a good number though not a hard-and-fast rule). Notch carries the torch for these beers locally, brewing only session beers.

Sunday's party will be a celebration of "small beer, big glasses, and multiple rounds". Notch will have some of their new Left of the Dial IPA on hand. There's an optional 5K followed by beers at Deep Ellum and The Silhouette in Allston. "Beveraging" commences at 4 p.m.

You can get all the details for the event on the official Facebook page.

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