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Founders to release All Day IPA in cans

founderscan.jpgFor the first time in the brewery's 15-year history, Founders Brewing will release a beer in cans. The company announced that its All Day IPA will be available in cans this summer. It will be the only Founders product in cans to start.

“Cans are a very functional package,” said co-founder & CEO Mike Stevens. “It means people will be able to enjoy our beer at golf courses, marinas and while hiking or camping. And we think All Day IPA works in a can particularly well.”

Founders joins local breweries Harpoon and Boston Beer Co. in canning beer. Harpoon canned their summer ale in 2012 and is planning more after installing a $2 million canning line at their South Boston brewery. Samuel Adams will can Boston Lager later this year.

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