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Backlash Beer announces the death of Death


Local standout Backlash Beer Company announced the "death" of one of their new beers Tuesday in a blog post. Death, the beer, was to be a chipotle imperial stout, the last beer in the four-part Apocalypse Series that has featured Conquest, War, and Famine. I've had War, a rye saison, and it's delicious.

Backlash founder Helder Pimentel said he put the beer to his lips for the first time this weekend and was "immediately disappointed." Rather then put the beer on the shelves, Backlash is scrapping the batch. They do not plan to re-brew the beer for awhile.

"We’ve been pretty lucky up until now, but I guess it was only a matter of time before something like this happened," said Pimentel. "It just so happened to be the last beer in a series we’ve been really vocal about and had especially high hopes for."

Famine, the third beer in the series, should be on shelves in a couple of days.

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