Steak vs. salad

By M.E. Malone
Globe Correspondent / March 25, 2009

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When it comes to food, it's not just steak vs. salad that separates the sexes. Jill Rose and Kristen Nyberg, who blog together at North Shore Dish (, and Dean Johnson and Ray Shackett, cohosts of WCAP's "Merrimack Valley Radio in the Afternoon," talked about what separates guys and girls.

Q. What do you like to order at Dunkin' Donuts?

Jill Rose: I don't think I've been to Dunkin' Donuts in, like, 10 years.

Q. Guys love free food. You?

Kristen Nyberg: I've been to too many functions at school and with the kids with somebody always bringing a supermarket cake. I know what it tastes like. I just skip it.

Q. Do you eat quail eggs?

Dean Johnson: If you're gonna put in eggs, put in the big ones. If ostrich eggs were available everywhere, guys would go for ostrich eggs.

Q. What kind of salad dressing do guys like?

DJ: If I throw it against the wall and it sticks, that's the kind of dressing guys want.

Q. Do you like corn on the cob?

DJ: That's a vegetable.

Q. At a restaurant, do you share food?

KN: If I'm out with my girlfriends, everyone's always like, 'Try this. What do you think about that?'

Ray Shackett: My wife doesn't want anything to do with what I order. I get my buffalo tenders and she gets her Caesar salad with chicken.

Q. What do you think of whole-grain pizza crust?

KN: We make pizza at home a lot, and I'll eat the whole-grain crusts, but we usually prefer the white.

DJ: I'll eat it but it's a little bit like smoking while jogging. With all the meat and extra cheese on top. . .

Q. How about ordering lentils as an entree?

DJ: (after an exasperated silence) That defeats the whole purpose of going out.

Q. How often do you eat bacon?

DJ: Guys will eat anything that'sbacon flavored. A guy walks into a place and says, 'Hey, they've got bacon-flavored' whatever. He'llorder it.

Q. Do you ever order big juicycuts of beef?

JR: I don't usually order things like big steaks. The portions are just too big, and I don't like to have to take it home with me.

Q. What concessions do you make to your health?

KN: For lunch, I'll usually go for a simple can of Progresso or some other soup. You can keep track of calories pretty easily that way.

RS: I'm willing to compromise by ordering a large meat lover's pizza once a week or once every two weeks and try not to eat the whole pizza in one night. Plus that way, there's a couple of leftover slices for breakfast.