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We <3 the MBTA (yes, really)! Our writers and friends sound off about their favorite routes and stops

Posted by Alex Pearlman  March 18, 2012 09:14 AM

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mbta system map.jpgFor the many car-less residents of the Boston area -- or those who have a car but would rather not deal with traffic and the high cost of parking every day -- the MBTA is simultaneously a lifesaver and the bane of their existence. When the T runs smoothly and on time, it’s a great, easy way to get around; when that doesn’t happen, however, you may find yourself thinking that even with the added expenses and traffic jams, a car wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Today, we here at TNGG Boston are giving the T a break. No more talking about the proposed measures to bring the MBTA out of debt. No more cursing the B Line as not a single inbound train appears for 30 minutes. It’s all about the positives.

We asked our writers and friends to share their favorite T routes and stops, as well as their reasons for liking them. Here are some of their responses.

There was a bit of Blue Line love...

“I only use the Blue Line to get to and from the airport...but it's so CLEAN and SMOOTH!  It's blue, shiny seats are always open, so you never have to stand. Most of stops are below ground, and you don't have to deal with the delays from Kendall and/or Park Street. And who wouldn't want their destination to be Wonderland?!”
-- Olivia DiNucci

“I’m going to say the Blue Line because I ride that the least, so it hasn’t frustrated me yet, and it takes me to the airport.”
-- Na Eun Park

...and the Orange Line has some fans, too...

“I miss the Orange Line EVERY DAY since I moved away from it.”
-- Christina Malanga

“I like the Orange Line. It's widely diversified, from Forest Hills and Stony Brook to Chinatown and State Street. You never know who you'll see or what you'll see.”
-- Welina Farah

mbta red line charles mgh.gif...but the Red Line and its destinations were far and away the favorites (as was using this question to dis the Green Line).

“After spending years surviving on the Green Line in high school and college and actually thinking that got me from point A to point B well enough, I discovered the Red Line. When its not packed, you can get from Dorchester to Cambridge in 20 minutes flat. I love the Red Line!”
-- Kerry Molloy

Porter Square because it means I'm finally home. Or because I'm drinking close to home.”
-- Josephine Gavignet

“My favorite MBTA stop is Charles/MGH on the Red Line because it goes over the Longfellow Bridge (a.k.a., the Salt and Pepper Bridge), and on one side, there's a gorgeous view of the Zakim Bridge, Museum of Science, and Bunker Hill, while on the other side is the Boston skyline featuring pretty much all of Boston -- the shiny dome of the Capital Building, the Fed, the John Hancock building, the Pru, 101 Huntington, the Citgo sign, etc.”
-- Lina Roque

“I live off the Green Line -- specifically between the B and C routes -- so I'm constantly in awe of the rest of the MBTA, with its normal-sized trains and ability to adhere to somewhat of a schedule. Riding the Red Line is almost a special treat compared to what I'm used to. It's basically a luxury vehicle where I can actually sit down (in a carpeted seat no less!) and enjoy the ride. Plus, the amenities include my all-time favorite view of the city (from the Longfellow Bridge, between the Charles/MGH and Kendall stops) and those creepy, flipbook-like animated tunnel ads warning you about tree-eating beetles.”
-- Katie Lannan

Kendall! It has the cool MIT engineering feats, and the Red Line has the best people-watching.”
-- Laura Horton, via Twitter

Our writers and friends also like two of the big hubs...

North Station is currently my favorite station because the past dozen or more times I've been there, there have been kind messages graffiti’d in the women's bathroom stalls. Examples: ‘Today, be you. You are beautiful <3’ and ‘Someone's thinking of you. You'll be all right. I promise.’”
-- Vanessa Formato

“I like Government Center, but only because while everyone is grimacing and covering their ears from all the screeching up on the Green Line platform, I sneak down to the Blue Line platform to gaze at the forlorn, original mosaic spelling out "SCOLLAY SQUARE" on the edge of the Wonderland side.”
-- Adam Polgar

mbta bus promo shot.jpg...and a bunch of different buses.

39 Bus! It always shows up before the E Line.”
-- David Olsen-Billet

The Express Bus -- 503 to Copley Square! It was the BEST for commuting from Oak Square to Copley.”
-- Amanda Davis

47 Bus: Central Square, BU, MFA, Ruggles, Dudley Square, Broadway. Transfers to all of the trains except the Blue Line, but including the Silver Line. It's like the secret, easy way to not spend an hour getting anywhere.”
-- Peter Ashton

But lest we forget that the T is still the T, let's end with some snark.

“Whatever one I'm not on.”
-- Jackie Smith

“Can my answer be none of them?”
-- Beth O’Meara

Which MBTA route or stop is your favorite, and why?

Photos by -jre- (top), bindonlane (middle), and bradlee9119 (bottom) (Flickr)

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