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5 pieces of 'book porn' for literature lovers

Posted by Alex Pearlman  February 24, 2012 09:10 AM

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book porn.jpgBy Tamar Zmora

The publishing industry has been hit hard by the advent of e-readers, the constant progress of social media, and the transition from books and magazines to online, virtual products. However, these developments are not in and of themselves bad, since they've spurred a greater dispensation of literature and offer unique creative outlets.

Beyond reading, one of my favorite pastimes is finding funny viral videos and bizarre or fascinating blogs; when those two passions collide, even better. Since it’s Sex Week, instead of recommending that you purchase the Kama Sutra or order a subscription to Playboy, I thought it would be worthwhile to recommend some of those videos and websites for your viewing pleasure -- a bit of "book porn," if you will.

“The Joy of Books

Video by crazedadman (YouTube)

This video is sort of like Toy Story for the book-obsessed. On a quiet street in Toronto, after the storekeeper at Type locks up, the books come alive: They shuffle up and down the bookshelves and in flocks around the store. They dance and weave and pass by each other. But when morning comes, every book, notebook, and pen moves tidily back to its rightful place. Sean Ohlenkamp and a crew of 27 volunteers created the charming stop-motion animation, featuring an original score from composer Grayson Matthews.  The video leaves viewers with a clear message: "There's Nothing Quite Like a Real Book."

Book Porn Tumblr. Find books in sexy positions. Discover new and wonderful literary-related websites and blogs. See paintings of nudes with books, grandmothers and children with books, and, of course, a tired kitten sprawled out with a book (because every blog must have the requisite adorable animal factor).

“Bookmans Does Book Dominoes

Video by bookmansTV (YouTube)

An inconceivably enormous bookstore in Arizona has fun with their inventory. If you’ve ever played with dominoes, you know the basic idea is to diligently align tiles and then knock them down, resulting in a palpable and satisfying ricochet effect. (There’s also a bunch of games you can play with those little tiles, but I’m not so sure anyone ever uses them properly.) Now imagine that effect on a grand scale: Employees mill around and patrons read books on couches while book after book falls to the ground around them.

“The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World”. Can’t you just visualize yourself stepping foot into these illustrious bookstores? Look long enough, and you'll probably find yourself wishing they weren’t just photographs. But be wary -- your eyes may permanently dilate after a peek at these larger-than-life book sanctuaries.

“Carleton College Silent Rave”

Video by seedubbayou (YouTube)

Unwind with the students of Minnesota's Carleton College as they get down and dirty in the stacks to liven up Finals Week. Why is this a silent rave, you may ask? Well, they’re in a library -- though the hordes of people, party hats, and dancing on bookshelves might distract even the most studious of bookworms.

What’s your favorite online “book porn”?

Photo by cabbit (Flickr)

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About Tamar -- I'm a recent Wellesley College grad with a degree in English and studio art. I grew up in the Midwest and briefly lived in Europe and the Middle East. My name is often mistaken for Tamara from "Sister, Sister." I love exploring coffee shops and am almost always highly caffeinated. I am very interested in films, the arts, theatre, painting, photography -- you name it -- '90s TV shows, and music.

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