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'The Real Beantown' Brings the Search for the Next Snooki to Boston

Posted by Alex Pearlman  September 13, 2011 08:52 AM

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framework_logo.jpgIf you’ve been looking for the chance to channel your inner "real Bostonian," Badaddy Productions is looking for you. The company has posted a casting call to Boston natives for The Real Beantown, Boston’s very own version of the MTV smash, Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore's popularity is undeniable. In its fourth season, the show is averaging around eight million viewers per episode. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ratings are still on the way up, growing every week, despite many viewers claiming that the show has “jumped the shark” and that they are sick of the current cast. And there’s no reason to think that a show about a group of 20-somethings from “The Least Friendly City In America” wouldn’t be just as successful.

At this time, mystery surrounds the show: There is no official word yet on when filming will begin, MTV hasn’t made any sort of statement about the show, and a Google search for Badaddy Productions returns no company website or Wikipedia page. The one hint I could find, a Badaddy Facebook page, has very few “likes” and no posts.

While certainly there is some allure to the idea of a show that is going to try to make going out in Faneuil Hall look like fun, one look at the application would make any true Bostonian’s stomach turn. It starts out innocently enough -- “Southie, Charlestown, Dorcestor…. It’s some of the only real neighborhoods left in Boston, and it’s all you. [sic]” -- but quickly takes a turn for the worst: “You down whiskey, try to run out the yuppies, handle your own business and don’t take [anything] from no one. You know your B’s and C’s, live for the Pats and Sox, and not for nothin’, but your BAC is your badge of honor.”

As insulting as all that is, I think the worst part is their use of the term, “not for nothin’.” Either that or their spelling of “Dorcester,” and that’s only the beginning.

While the questions asked of potential cast members are reasonable enough, ranging from “What is your neighborhood all about?” to “What [angers you] more than anything?”, more than one Boston resident has already expressed their fears about this show. “The real Boston isn’t getting wasted and starting fights in Southie,” said Aaron Altman, 26.

Some chose to look on the (just slightly) brighter side. “Jersey Shore took seven people who aren’t even from New Jersey and made them the face of the state,” said New Jersey native Zach Claudio, 25. “At least the [people] on The Real Beantown will actually be from Boston.”

Not every Bostonian was so pessimistic about the possibility of a Jersey Shore-style show based in Boston. “I think it will be funny. I love watching Jersey Shore, but it's always been missing something for me because I don't know many guidos,” said Ariella Kahn-Lang, 25. “I think it will be really fun to have one about Boston.” And despite all the negativity, I was hard-pressed to find anyone who said he or she wouldn’t watch it.

So who in our midst, then, is ready to be the next Snooki or Pauly D? I spoke to one young lady, a 23 year old who asked to remain anonymous until the casting was complete, who was excited about her chance to be Boston’s version of JWoww. “It’s like being a heart surgeon and knowing it’s your calling to save lives,” she said. “I’m the baddest [girl] in Boston, and it’s my calling to be on this show.”

By Kenny Soto -- I'm a professional blogger and entertainer. In my spare time, I enjoy Boston sports and exploring all of the adventures that my hometown has to offer. You can connect with me on Twitter @TheRealKennySo.

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