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Dude, Where's My Brunch?

Posted by Alex Pearlman  September 8, 2011 12:40 PM

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Before Brisele and Brangelina, and even before Bennifer, there existed the very holiest of celebrity unions. I’m talking, of course, about brunch.

Not content in its role as synthesizer of the dual forces of breakfast and lunch, brunch has gone on to unify the diverse masses of the big city under a common cause. But while New Yorkers happily reminisced of last night’s revelries over blueberry pancakes and bellinis, we unfortunate wretches in Boston have been greeting the cold, grey light of dawn by nibbling on stale Raisin Bran as a last-ditch attempt to soak up the alcohol from the eight vodka tonics consumed the night before.

That is, until now. Consult the list below for some of our favorite brunch spots around the city.

Back Bay
Trident Booksellers & Café (338 Newbury St., Green Line -- Hynes Convention Center)

These guys have the three B's -- books, breakfast, and beer -- covered, because sometimes you need to wash down that eggs Benedict and bee pollen (a potent anti-aging elixir!) smoothie with a PBR. Located somewhere between Urban Outfitters and Pinkberry, Trident’s "Perpetual Breakfast" menu is true to it’s name -- a generous offer, considering this kitsch-licious independent bookstore/cafe is open daily from 8 a.m. until midnight. There’s the added benefit of free wi-fi, so feel free to order seconds while you work feverishly (*cough* surf obscure Wikipedia articles *cough*) on that 36-page report that’s due in 18 hours.

Beacon Hill
The Paramount (44 Charles St., Red Line -- Charles Street)

Don’t think of it as Beacon Hill -- think of it as Bacon Hill, as this image, along with the savory aromas wafting down Charles Street, should serve as sufficient motivation to wake up at the crack of dawn to beat the hordes of hungry Bostonian breakfast zombies stumbling across the Common through the early-morning mist (don’t worry -- they’re not after you; they’re after your pancakes). This cafeteria-style comfort food mecca has it all, from mouth-watering omelets with all the fixings to fresh caramel-and-banana French toast. I could spend all day trying to convince you that this Boston brunch classic is worth all the hype, but just let your taste buds be the judge.

Inman Square
S & S Restaurant (1334 Cambridge St., Red Line -- Central Square)

“Es and es” is a maternal Yiddish term meaning "eat and eat!" Back in 1919, that's how the founder, Ma Edelstein, used to greet her customers. Four generations later, this namesake philosophy still endures -- where else can you get an 8 oz. steak as a side dish? This cozy kosher breakfast haven is about as close to the famous NY-style deli offerings as you can get without making the schlep to the Big Apple. Added motivation: strawberry mimosas, peach bellinis, and Bloody Marys. Cheers to that!

North End
Theo’s Cozy Corner (162 Salem St., Orange Line or Green Line -- Haymarket)

The bad news: Theo’s presents challenges, a la long lines (don’t get discouraged, it moves fast!), a strict cash-only policy, and the absence of alcohol. The good news: If you’re really craving a mimosa, the shop next door sells Andre. The even better news? Theo’s is beyond reasonably priced, serving up generous portions of heavenly breakfast fare (and fab authentic Brazilian cuisine if you want to wait around for lunch and dinner!). A word to the wise: Let them give you coffee. Yes, they will continue to ask.

South End
Gaslight Brasserie du Coin (560 Harrison Ave., Red Line -- Broadway)

Looking to prove to your one-night stand that they’re more than a one-night stand? Tell them to slip into something (anything) and wash the residual Cheeto dust off their face because you’re taking them out for a romantic brunch at an authentic Parisian brasserie (right off the Red Line -- who knew!?). As the new day dawns over your exquisitely prepared truffled scrambled egg tartine with roasted asparagus and vanilla French toast stuffed with sweet fromage blanc and maple syrup, you just might find yourself falling in love. Just don’t tell your date because they’ll probably be jealous.

What brunch favorites did we miss? Share with us in the comments!

Photo by cherrylet (Flickr)

By Kayla Brown -- I turned 24 on 2/22, which would make me a Pisces. I changed schools three times and majors four times, ultimately deciding on: Quinnipiac University, Marketing. I'm horrendous in the kitchen, sassy to a fault, and my mom tells me I drink too much coffee, but I like to think I'm not completely awful to be around... find out for yourself @kjbrown22!

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