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What Does Tom Brady Think of Gay Marriage?

Posted by Jim Lopata  January 13, 2012 09:22 AM

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He's never made a public statement on the issue. What do you think?

By James A. Lopata

What does Tom Brady think of gay marriage?

Boston Spirit magazine placed a request to his press peeps for a statement from him awhile ago. 

Nothing yet.

You’d think it’d be a slam-dunk — or, perhaps, an easy field goal — for the most popular athlete in Massachusetts — the first state to legalize equal marriage — to simply say “I do” when asked if he believes a gay person should be allowed to marry whomever he or she loves.

If it’s not that easy for him to say he does, well, then, that got us wondering — hmmm ... what if he doesn’t support gay marriage?

Ouch, that would really hurt.

It’s true that the world of professional team sports has been the last vanguard for mainstream acceptance of LGBT issues.

No major national football, baseball, basketball, or hockey player has ever come out as gay while still on active roster. Perhaps there is still a fear of upsetting fans.

Brady's reticence is understandable.

The truth is that so many of us LGBTs love Tom so much, that, honestly, we’d really rather not know if he doesn’t love us quite the same way back.

Like a junior high crush, we’re too afraid to ask and know the truth. We’d rather live in the twinkling possibility that he does.

But the scales are already tipping toward equality on athletic fields across the country, with a number of famous players making it clear that they believe in the right to marry for everyone. 

We’d love it Tom Brady would add his voice to those of the following stars:

• Michael Strahan
The record-setting former New York Giants defensive end pushed for marriage equality in a video last June.

• Charles Barkley
This former NBA All-Star MVP power forward and Olympian Gold medalist declared his support for marriage equality in a radio interview this past May.

• Sean Avery
This popular New York Rangers Left Wing recorded a special video to support marriage equality in New York state last year.

• Steve Nash
Hailing from Arizona, this two-time NBA MVP and current Phoenix Suns player also joined the public push for marriage equality in a special spot released last year.

• Ben Cohen and Hudson Taylor
These two straight athletes — Cohen, an English rugby star, and Taylor, a Maryland college wrestling champion — have gone beyond merely making videos. The two have made a mission of combatting homophobia. The New York Times wrote up a nice piece about their work last May.

So what about Tom Brady?

We can only speculate.

What do you think?

Does Tom Brady support marriage equality?

Why or why not?

Hut, hut, hike!

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About the author: Boston Spirit Magazine’s daily blog brings you all of the information you need on New England’s LGBT community. In addition to highlighting local and national LGBT news, we will also highlight local leaders from the worlds of business, politics, fashion and entertainment and keep you up-to-date on all the latest events and parties, hot spots for travel, shopping, dining, and more!

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