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The best things in life

Sorry to say goodbye to my summer of freeloading.

By Charles P. Pierce
September 11, 2011

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Dear Blake Jordan: There is very little in this life that I enjoy more than Free Stuff. In the eyes of many, especially those who, in their hyperextended adolescence, read Ayn Rand without realizing that she apparently wrote with a squeegee, this may make me a leech, a moocher, a freeloader, and a sponge. Perhaps all at once. (Being a leech and a sponge would at least cut down on the middleman.) I do not care. Free stuff is what made America great. We first landed here and looked at the entire continent and said: “Zounds! Free stuff!” (The existing owners rather strenuously disagreed.) All of which is prelude to my thanking you and the Highland Street Foundation for a summer’s worth of Free Fun Fridays, where mooching , freeloading yobs like me could go a-wandering through places like the Museum of Fine Arts gratis. You could recognize us easily because we were the ones who stood in front of the John Singleton Copley Colonial portraits, saying things like, “Hey, this looks like my seventh-grade history textbook!” Or we were the folks who stood in front of the Chihuly glass sculptures and wondered where the spout was on those things. Didn’t matter. We were better for the experience, and did I mention that, thanks to your group, it was free stuff? I spent an awful lot of time in the antiquities section, looking at all those tiny coins and thinking, “Hey, what a deal I got here.” Charles P. Pierce can be reached at