May 29, 2011

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Travel advisory

As a reader who’s also a writer, my first impression was “Wow, a ton of work sure went into assembling this vacation guide” (May 15). Then a second thought popped to the surface: If you’re not a blond, these sun-dappled summer getaways are clearly not for you. Check out the blonds cavorting on the beach, blonds leaping off piers, blonds sunning themselves, blonds proudly displaying a bag of fresh clams. Take a look at the cover, where three small blonds giggle in a lifeguard chair. The message could not be clearer: If you’re somehow not blond or – gasp – not even white, well there’s plenty to do back here at home. I’m guessing our governor – and our president, for that matter – should make their vacation plans somewhere besides New England.

Deborah Fineblum Raub / Sharon

I must respond to the cover story “New England Summer Travel” (May 15), especially the part about Cape Cod, where I have had the great misfortune to live for the past 15 years. You portray Cape Cod as glamorous, fun, and alive. But for the most part, it is only good for getting a lobster roll and some sand on your behind – and that is just from Memorial Day to Labor Day. After Labor Day, the Cape shuts down and it becomes an enormous ghost town. The same goes for Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Cape Cod is boring!

Scott Wolfe / Mashpee

The last straw

I commend someone as young as fourth-grader Milo Cress for his BeStrawFree crusade (First Person, May 15), but as a registered dental hygienist I take exception to the idea that straws must be banned. There is actually a very healthy use for them: When someone sips beverages that are high in sugar and/or acid content through a straw, these drinks can bypass the teeth and thus lessen the chance of tooth decay. Such beverages include soda, both regular and diet (those with phosphoric acid); Gatorade; energy drinks; and vitamin waters. Instead, I would encourage this young man to promote a biodegradable straw or a return to paper straws.

Gail Fine / Peabody

Until this morning I had always considered myself a pretty “green” person, but I did not know that reusable straws existed. I would like to thank Milo for opening my eyes! I went online and ordered several sets of glass straws and will be sure to abstain from plastic straws. Now I’ll be even greener! Keep up the good work, Milo.

Claudia Doerre / Duxbury

Conduct unbecoming

Miss Conduct spends so much time telling readers how she feels about almost anything and everything. However, isn’t the point to advise readers about what they’ve inquired about without judgment and without Miss Conduct’s opinion on it? Readers aren’t seeking her feelings, and sometimes she is just rude. And for the record, one never tips the owner of a hair salon (May 15). This has been the etiquette for my mother’s generation and mine. It has nothing to do with “In lean times . . . people are quick to rediscover the charm of old-fashioned etiquette that allows them to save face while saving money.” She is totally incorrect, and this is a small example of how annoying Miss Conduct can be.

Rhonda Rudner / Boston

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  • May 29, 2011 cover
  • May 29, 2011 cover
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