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April 17, 2011

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Best things since . . .

I can’t imagine an article about “Boston’s Best Sandwiches” (April 3) that did not include Sam LaGrassa’s on Province Street. The shop is mobbed every day. The pastrami and corned beef are the best in Boston.

Connie Volante Finn / Block Island, Rhode Island, and Boston

I can’t understand why you did not mention the Vermonter from Dough of East Boston, possibly the best sandwich in the city.

Aaron Fink / Brookline

Cage match

I agree with Charles P. Pierce (“Nature vs. Nonsense,” April 3) regarding keeping exotic animals. I’ve only seen the advertisement for Fatal Attractions on Animal Planet, and that was enough for me. These people who own exotic animals don’t really love them; they are just something to brag about. Leave them alone!

Fran Mannix / Watertown

Sometimes a nap is just a nap

Regarding the Coupling column by Paul R. Kelley (“You Snooze, You Lose,” April 3): Paul, you sound like a big wuss! My wife and I sleep in separate beds because of my snoring. Does that mean I don’t love her? If I fall asleep on the couch, she might put a blanket on me.

Dennis LaBollita Jr. / Rockland

I just finished reading the Coupling column, and I so enjoyed it. After hearing bad news every week for the past two months, it gave me a chuckle and quite the lift I needed. Paul, I think your friend should go into the business of giving advice. He was right on target.

Ethel Somers / North Andover

Apple evangelism

Lisa Gross’s plan to plant apple trees in urban areas is good and has precedent (“Shaking the Tree,” April 3). The British author and art critic John Berger once wrote an open letter to the mayor of Lyon, France, suggesting that a pair of prisons due to be demolished could be replaced with an apple orchard – Spartans, in this case. As with most open letters, nothing came of Berger’s proposal. Kudos to Gross for not only having an idea, but also acting on it.

Stephen Persing / Billerica


A “shaking” shout-out

kdm wrote: Go for it! People are going to tell you this is unsustainable and some of us old timers will smile because we’ve seen this wheel go round before. But nothing ventured nothing gained . . . and don’t forget to plant some of those Roxbury Russets in schoolyards, there are lots of kids that don’t realize their neighborhood was once farmland.

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