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December 19, 2010

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Cheers and jeers

I read with optimistic anticipation Abby Rodman’s essay about her sons’ maturing into men who respect women (Coupling, November 28) until she quoted one son as saying “as long as there are women willing to dance around half naked . . . women will have a hard time getting the respect they want.” He might just as well have said, “As long as there are men who lie, cheat, and steal, they’ll have a hard time being trusted as a gender.” Whether male or female, we’re all individuals. Let’s try to treat everyone with respect.

SJ Glynn/Wellesley

I, too, went to my first NFL game expecting to see cheerleaders and found out that they’re more like pole dancers in team gear. Being a passionate Patriots fan, I deal with it. But as a mother of sons, I say “ugh” also, and I’m not shy about letting my sons know why. Real sexiness doesn’t need to be flaunted – and you share it only with one special person who loves your brains and your strength as well.

Sherri Hays Mancusi/Atkinson, New Hampshire

Rodman expressed my sentiments perfectly. I have raised sons and now have grandsons. The Celtics have won many championships without cheerleaders or “dancers.” Is this addition really going to help the team? My strongest complaint is with Sports Illustrated and the infamous swimsuit edition. I’m not opposed to women posing in swimsuits, if they choose. But isn’t Sports Illustrated a sports magazine? I’ve yet to figure out what sport these beautiful women in bathing suits represent.

Susan Carpenter/Stoughton

Young football players dream of someday being in the NFL. Similarly, young cheerleaders dream of cheering in the NFL. Rodman must agree there’s no problem with cheerleaders who strive to make it into professional-sports cheering. I view Patriots cheerleaders as dedicated, athletic, and, yes, sexy. Characterizing professional cheerleaders’ motives as similar to those of exotic dancers is, I’m sure, offensive to many.

Brad Durkin/Andover

Jokes yes, duds no

I enjoy Miss Conduct’s column, but I feel she missed the mark in her response to the question about Yankee Swaps (November 28). I also have wondered about people who dispose of absolute junk at a Yankee Swap. I realize the idea is to have fun, and joke gifts are great. However, this isn’t a time to be pawning off stuff no one wants.

Debra Vincuilla/Watertown

Always Fresh

The Globe Magazine is a highlight of my weekend. Kudos, especially, to your food editor. I find a recipe every week that’s superb. In fact, we leave the magazine on our kitchen island and commit to trying at least one of the recipes using some local food in season. Tonight we made the Triple Celery Soup (Cooking, November 7). Amazing. We’ll try it out on friends as soon as we can.

Charlotte Canelli/Norfolk

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