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December 12, 2010

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The Best Defense

I thought Miss Conduct’s answer to S.L. from Milton (November 21), who is pregnant with twins and gets asked inappropriate questions about it, was great, but I wanted to add one of my own. Whenever someone asks a question that seems intrusive, I like to look him or her in the eye and politely say, “Why do you ask?” That usually puts them on the spot and ends that particular conversation. I then quickly change the subject – they usually get the hint, and I don’t have to sound too rude.

Karen Serdy / Sandwich

As the mother of triplets, a licensed psychologist, faculty member at Harvard Medical School, and consulting psychologist to Isis Parenting, I know a thing or two about intrusive questions. “Natural” is in the eye of the beholder. A lovely reply might be “ ‘Natural’: absolutely. Thank you so much for asking.”

Teresa Spillane / Jamaica Plain

A Perfect Match

Dinner With Cupid is my favorite Globe Magazine feature, and “Twilight Fight” (November 21) was the best yet. Never mind that Teams Jacob and Edward didn’t register with me and I blanked on Justin Bieber – only in a celebrity culture could a couple’s differences about such things be a deal breaker. Someone, as in someone who has been happily coupled for a long time, should point out to your Twilight-ed pair that their banter, wit, and hilarious scores – F and B+ – suggest the obvious: They’re made for each other. If Ben and Krissy can’t see that, then theirs was a blind date in more ways than one.

Dave Cohen / Gloucester

Table for One

I wholly applaud Shawn Peters’s piece “Ay, There’s the Rub” (Coupling, November 21). I, too, thought it would be a treat a few years ago to do a couples massage as part of an anniversary gift for my wife. On the massage table, I shut out the outside world to relax and enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, that meant getting a little too relaxed, which led to the usual loud noises emanating from my mouth as I began to snore. So, while I was in total bliss, my wife and the two masseuses had to suffer through this and . . . well, let’s just say, no more couples massages for us.

Richard Altman / Andover

Peters’s essay was well written and much enjoyed. However, as problems go, he should count his blessings. My wife and I have never had the luxury of experiencing such a problem. The closest we ever come to “couples massage” is watching each other get patted down at the airport.

Mark Rast / Westwood

Chasing Harvard

While I partly agree with Shira Springer’s critique of the new website for people who want to date Harvard grads (Perspective, November 14), I don’t think the site should be labeled as condescending. If a single woman chooses to pursue an Ivy-educated male, that’s her choice. Of course there are women who couldn’t care less about the degree, and some who wouldn’t date a Harvard man if their life depended on it. These Harvard Business School grads are simply using a well-known brand to create a site for women who are actively seeking men with this appellation.

Stefan Pagacik / Plymouth

Great (and disturbing) Perspective column. The website’s slogan should be “vericrass.”

Cathy Corman / Brookline

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