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November 7, 2010

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Troubled Waters I always enjoy Neil Swidey’s articles. His October 17 cover story, “One Desperate Night,” was both disturbing and heartwarming. To read of Vino Richemond’s valiant efforts to save his hurting friend, Rodley Doriscat, and the desperation Rodley must have felt to end his life so tragically brought home the need to look out for others. Swidey’s story and a story the same day in the Globe’s Ideas section, “Empathy Is So Yesterday,” by Keith O’Brien, showed the dichotomy in the current human condition. I would hope and pray that humankind is somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. Thanks for a provocative, uplifting, and tragic story of true life.

Karen Rodman / Centerville

Vino was a fool to jump in after his friend, and it is amazing he did not drown before help arrived. But who could be untouched by such a heroic and foolish act of selflessness?

Madeline Thurlow / Norton

Vino is a hero twice over – first for having the guts to jump off that bridge to try to save his friend, and second for enlisting in the Army and being one of the everyday heroes who protect our country.

Mark Mammola / Westford

Thank you for your incredible article “One Desperate Night.” What a friend indeed!

Joseph E. Cooper / Watertown

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve actually taken the time to click through and read nine pages of a well-written piece online. I loved the way Swidey interwove details of Rodley’s and Vino’s history and details of their families, and then took the reader back to the moment on the bridge. My computer could not get to the next page fast enough. I was moved and fascinated by this story and Swidey’s telling of it.

Botum Bou Bennett / Brighton

I’ve been reading the Globe for more than 25 years, and I just had to respond to two articles in the October 17 Globe Magazine. Reading Swidey’s story about Vino and his friend was heart wrenching – and a reminder of how important friendship is. My prayers go out to Vino and to both his and Rodley’s families. That story will stay with me for a long time. Your First Person interview with Val Walker about her new book, The Art of Comforting, served as a good companion piece to Swidey’s story and as an important reminder to be “fully present” and available to others. Thank you for publishing both. You made a difference in my life by doing so.

Lisa A. Lauterbach / Boston

Wing Man What a fantastic piece by James Sullivan on Keith Crippen, designer of the Museum of Fine Arts’ new Art of the Americas wing (October 17). I loved how the writer drew me in with glimpses of the man, his desk, his photo of his boys, and went on to tell the story of how he creates amazing designs for the long-awaited wing.

Barbara Lee Supeno / Addison, Vermont

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