Broomball rules and equipment

Cambridge, MA--01/04/2013 Ian Melnoick (cq) is pushed out of the crease after scoring a goal on Amy Barnett (cq) the broomball league coordinator and goalie in their weekly game at Simoni Rink on Sunday January 6 2012. (Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff) Topic: Broomball Reporter: Joe Kahn
Goalie Amy Barnett and Ian Melnick do battle after he scored on her at Simoni Rink in Cambridge. (Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff)
The Boston Globe

 Helmets and mouthguards are mandatory.

 Gloves, shin guards, elbow and knee pads are recommended, as are chest protectors for goalies.

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 Regulation broomball sticks (rubber-molded triangular head, wooden or aluminum shaft) are required.

 No more than four men or four women per team (of six) are allowed on the ice at one time.

 No body checking. Contact should be avoided whenever possible.

 All substitutions are made on the fly.

 Using hands to control a ball in the air is permitted, but only to set the ball down on the ice, not to pass or shoot on goal.

 Kicking the ball forward to one’s own stick is permitted, but not in order to pass to a teammate or shoot.

 Except for goalies, sliding or diving to block a ball is not allowed.

 Penalties may be called for holding an opponent’s stick, tripping, hooking, slashing, high-sticking, dangerous play, or verbally abusing an official.

Source: SBS broomball