Survey Says Peak Sexting Hours Occur on Tuesday Morning

hand of business person holding smartphone.
A little early afternoon, but actually morning, and probably way too early for this — delight, wink wink.

A new survey revealed that sexting most often occurs between the hours of 10 a.m. and noon on Tuesdays, says BetaBeat. Yes, that’s right. Some time after checking your morning inbox and having your second cup of coffee — a good percentage of you are describing in lurid, emoji-ridden detail what you’d like to be doing between the sheets (hopefully) later on in the day.

The unlikely time slot was revealed by somewhat creepy sounding computer and smartphone-tracking tool company Retina-X Studios, who polled 4,800 people about their habits.

We can’t seem to find a copy the full study, or any real information regarding the demographics of pool that was surveyed — were they teens, or retirees who aren’t in a 9-5 workplace on a Tuesday morning and free to get freaky at whatever time they please? Who knows! But we’ve reached out to Retina-X for additional data.

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There many questions are left to be asked. Besides the obvious — which would be: Who is sexting during your morning staff meeting? But we guess the answer is, you probably don’t want to know.

h/t the Cut