GPS Sunglasses for Chronic Losers

A quality pair of sunglasses can be hard to find. There are many things to consider — width, weight, shape, quality, substance — not to mention, a good pair can often be a hefty investment. But when you find the right pair, there’s nothing quite as painful as the moment when you lose them.

And you’re gonna lose them.

And that’s why Sydney-based company named Tzukuri developed sunglasses with built-in GPS. Their very chic Japanese-made shades feature solar-powered bluetooth technology via iBeacon that allows you to track your frames through an iPhone app. The accompanying app will ping you if you’ve left your frames behind and will continue to send you alerts at different intervals of distance until you turn back to retrieve them. The app can also, apparently, sense when you’re at home or work and silences itself — which is great, unless you lose your shades somewhere in the office, I suppose.

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More specifically, according to Tzukuri’s website: “You can track exact proximity of Tzukuris up to 82 ft (25m) depending on the environment. However, the map in the Tzukuri app will allow you to pin point the exact location you last had them no matter how far away you.”

The shades are currently available for pre-order — for a pretty penny. A small deposit is required on the full $249 price tag available to early adopters (each pair will eventually cost $349), with the first set of shipments slated to go out in November and December of this year. It’s a pricey pill to swallow, but for anyone who has ever left their designer sunglasses on the roof of their car before driving away (ahem), it might be worth investing.

h/t Esquire