Behold: The Broga Burrito!


What magnificent bit of Internet is this? Oh, it’s a yoga mat bag designed to look like a burrito! And it’s the creation of West Coast-based Dan Abramson, who decided to take on the business of manly yoga accessories into his own hands following the surge of interest in Broga — you know, yoga for dudes. The result: Brogamats.

Never again will bros be shunned for carrying their exposed pink and purple mats covered in damask and creeping vines when hopping the T to attend their favorite downtown vinyasa class. Now they have their choice of Broga bag in design options such as the Burrito (as pictured), the Downward-facing log (which looks like a log), the Quiver of Arrows (also just like it sounds), or just the super classic buffalo check Lumberjack.

Abramson told us additional designs are in the works, including another member of the Mexican food family. The sheer awesomeness of it all — the mind reels.

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h/t Priceonomics