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(Page 2 of 8) THE REAL ESTATE management firm Jones Lang LaSalle offers a global exchange program in which an employee can spend six months in any company office in the world.

The program was introduced in 1997 to encourage collaboration, share expertise across dispersed business units, and increase global awareness. Jones Lang LaSalle has sent US employees to Singapore, China, India, and Dubai, to name a few places. Managers nominate employees with high potential who would benefit from an international assignment, and about 12 are selected annually.

Peter Russell, who works in the Boston office, traveled to India last year to work in one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the world. During his first week there, Russell was visiting ancient ruins near Chennai when he had one of his most memorable experiences.

"A monkey ran up to me, stole my water bottle right out of my hand, and proceeded to drink all of it right in front of me," Russell said. "Not something that happens in the Boston Common."

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