A gifted pioneer: Deirdre Buckley

Massachusetts General Hospital

(Richard Schultz)
May 14, 2009
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Our initial contact with Deirdre Buckley was April 15, 2000, when my wife suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage and was flown to the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) helo-pad. The relationship continues to today. Dede was a nursing presence during 75 days of post surgical, in-patient care at MGH and 200 days of inpatient rehab thereafter. Ever since, even at home, whenever the numerous follow-ups or neuro complications arise, she has been an invaluable nurse resource, arranging for and guiding us through the challenges as a nurse and kind friend.

Dede co-founded the Brain Aneurysm Foundation and pioneered the support group program at MGH. She follows closely the path of Florence Nightingale, who, when only 24 years old, wrote in her journal, "God spoke to me and called me to His service." All nurses are very special, but in our experience over nine years with so many nurses, Dede Buckley's dedication places her nursing service at a most superior level.

She has personally motivated many folks severely impacted by the scourge of a brain aneurysm to return to share their recovery experience with others. I know so many others whose families, like ours, greatly appreciate that they have been truly blessed to have been in Dede Buckley's nursing care. While brain aneurysms are traumatic and horrific events, we have found our priorities to be quite different now. From Dede's caring example, we have become very involved in the well-being of our brain aneurysm fellow travelers.

Few in life encounter someone who has an enormous positive influence on them, but so many of us who are associated with Dede Buckley's nursing care have been so touched.

-Nominated by Tom and Karen Quirk