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On Staffing

Training employees to succeed in a diverse world
Today the need for diversity training is strong across all business types. Discover how to make your training program more effective. MORE >>

Making the right hiring decision
To find an employee that is a perfect fit, hiring managers and human resources professionals need to make the most of hiring tools — from resume reviews to phone screenings. MORE >>

Secrets for getting the most from your staffing agency
Staffing firms can provide access to talented individuals needed to grow an organization — but only if they are used correctly. MORE >>

What do Millennials teach us about the future of the workplace?
From their advanced knowledge of technology to their well-developed social-networking skills, Generation Y employees are having a positive impact on the workforce. MORE >>

Tips for helping recent college graduates succeed in their first job
More so than their experienced colleagues, new college graduates cite growth potential and personal fulfillment as the key factors in job satisfaction. MORE >>

Seven tips for successful phone interviews
An initial phone interview saves time for both hiring managers and candidates. It can also be used to screen out candidates not appropriate for an in-person interview. MORE >>

Keeping employees challenged
Challenges keep the job interesting and result in new skills or training that can open up new doors in a career as well as other rewards. MORE >>

Communicating across cultures
Recruiting, hiring, managing, and interacting with workers who are not native to American culture has become a way of life for many Boston area businesses. MORE >>

Five myths about younger workers
Like any myths, those about Generation Y workers are grounded in a bit of truth. But the myths don't tell the whole story. MORE >>

Promoting from within
Often internal or current employees can make the best available candidates because they are already familiar with your company and successful within your culture. MORE >>

Part 2 - Small companies can't offshore jobs - or can they?
Until recently, large multinational companies were the only ones able to take advantage of offshoring. But things have changed. MORE >>

Part 1 - Offshoring basics: definitions, benefits, and challenges
We hear a lot these days about "outsourcing" and "offshoring." But what do these terms mean, and why are we hearing so much about them? MORE >>

Successfully selling your company
How do you make candidates want to work for your company? Here are four key ways not just to attract candidates to your organization but to make them want to work for your company, too. MORE >>

Why RPO is the new buzzword
You've probably heard of "RPO" and wondered what, exactly, is it? RPO stands for "Recruitment Process Outsourcing," meaning that an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external vendor. MORE >>

Diversity recruitng: getting it right
While it's good to recognize the importance of diversity recruiting, it's better to implement it effectively. There are a few major steps businesses can take to incorporate diversity into their recruiting processes. MORE >>

Checklist for recruiting readiness
Red Sox catcher and captain Jason Varitek is famous for his pre-game preparation. Likewise, successful recruiters always go through substantial preparation before starting a talent search. MORE >>

Staffing firms: an overview
of services offered

The staffing industry has its own jargon and acronyms. To help demystify these terms and services, here is an overview, in alphabetical order, of the list of services that staffing firms offer. MORE >>

Ten hot recruiting trends
Recently I've heard employers talk about the variety of efforts they are using to recruit, attract and hire candidates in order to keep pace with the shifts in levels of qualified candidates and business demand. MORE >>

What is loyalty and
how do you develop it?

In this column I'd like to examine retention more closely and talk about the difference between longevity and loyalty because your goal is to have a workforce that is both longstanding and loyal. MORE >>

Temporary employees:
necessary evil or valued asset?

Many organizations view temporary employees as a necessary evil. And that's fair, considering many temporary employees view temping as a necessary evil. MORE >>

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