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Career change challenges

Q: I am a late bloomer and I worked in construction for eight years before I found out what I really wanted for a career. I went to school, graduated, got my certification, but right now prospects are very tight. How do I create a resume for a career in Radiology Tech, when I am not presently working in that field, but I am working full-time?

A: Congrats on finding a career that can bring you joy! There are some who never find what truly makes them happy in their work life.

You were smart to select an occupation in healthcare. Overall, healthcare is an area of expected growth and, in particular, the employment outlook for radiology technologist is quick positive. For more information about this role as a career, visit
Changing fields is a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. I see more and more people change fields within the workforce today when compared to past decades. A few tips for you:
- Stay connected to the career services office of the school from where you graduated. Often the career services office receive job postings and information on who is hiring within your field. They can also help you write a resume which discusses your work history but also conveys your intent to use your recent degree.
- Join a professional association. The American Association of Radiologic Technologists ( is one to consider. There are also career services available through this professional association.
- Join LinkedIn and begin following potential employers. Join career-related groups on LinkedIn.
- Start networking within the profession. Networking opportunities might be available through your college, community, local library or professional association.
- Use free resources available. Visit There is quite a bit of content that could be helpful to your job search.
- Several years ago, there was an article posted on specifically addressing career changers. It is still applicable today. You can read this article by clicking on
Changing your career is achievable. Good luck!

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