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Getting training after a layoff

Q. I recently got laid off because I was not fast enough with my data entry. I know I could use a brush up on some of the software packages, as well as improve my data-entry speed. Got any suggestions on how I can pay for this since I am not working right now?

A. Since you were recently laid off, you are what is known as a "dislocated worker." There are some training funds available for dislocated workers but you need to follow the rules established at the One-Stop Career Centers throughout the state. I would recommend visiting the One-Stop Career Center in your community. To find the closest One-Stop Center in your community, visit this link on the website.

Be aware of two things:

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1) The funds are very limited, so register quickly at the One-Stop Center, meet with a counselor to determine eligibility, and start completing your paperwork

2) understand that you must register with a training provider by your 15th week of unemployment. If you try to register after the 15th week, the Career Center Counselor will not approve your paperwork for training.

It is heartbreaking to be deemed eligible for training, but unable to participate because you missed the deadline, so please watch your timing. I am sure that with some additional training and practice, you will be much more employable. Good luck!

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